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| Exceptional Fall CAR Closed-End LEASE offers

Tuesday, 18 September 8:22 AM

Leasing & renting are very similar in their approach to paying for and using personal transportation. Both treat the automobile as a commodity to be used for a period of time and then surrendered when no longer needed, or when warranties expire which can expose the user to unexpected expenses.

Just as you would ask for the best deal that day when renting a vehicle, not necessarily being concerned with the make and model, as long as it meets your space, safety, usage costs, and needs, we are presenting a few options for closed-end leasing that are definitely the “best deals of the day.”


  Click over to our WEBSITE for more options & information



Meet Hezy BenTzur Owner of iAnglo Auto:

An advocate for you, the customer, not the auto dealerships. 







Click over to our WEBSITE for more options & information


If you are new to leasing, not clear on the different types of plans offered in Israel, or want to know more about how it can save you money and time request a consultation here with this link .


If you already know the benefits of leasing and want to inquire about this or other models, contact us here or call 02-671-8847


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