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| Breads of the Beit Hamikdash - Adult/Teenager Workshop Monday June 25th

Sheryl     All
Wednesday, 20 June 7:57 PM
For a taste see the video we made of a family workshop during the summer (the adult workshop is obviously on a igher level)

Read an article that was written about the workshop in the 5 Towns Jewish Times

Keeping It Fresh – The 5 Towns Jewish Times

This is the most unique activity you will do this year!

For the first time in two thousand years you have a unique opportunity to take part in a LIVE reconstruction of how they baked breads in the Beit Hamikdash.

Learn about the Korban Shtei HaLechem & its relevance to Shavuot.
Aside from animal sacrifices offered in the Temple, many different breads also featured, such as wafer-thin matzot (rekikim), thicker, "Yemenite-style" matzot (challot), loaves of breads made with sourdough yeast (lechamim) and the most legendary and famous of all, the Showbread (lechem hapanim). In fact there was a section of the Beit Hamikdash that was an actual bakery (Lishkat Lechem Hapanim).

Our educational and highly entertaining, 3-hour, Breads of the Beit Hamikdash baking workshop starts with a virtual tour of the Temple.

We then get totally hands-on with the actual baking as we attempt to reproduce the Korban Toda, a thanksgiving offering that had an enormous variety and quantity of breads. You will bake breads in and on different types of pans (marcheshet/machvat), in an ancient brick oven, boil breads in water and even fry them in oil (murbechet).

You will then learn the art of sourdough baking as we reproduce the Two Loaves offering (shtei halechem) that was brought on Shavuot, one of the only breads in which chametz was allowed to be used.

The last part of the workshop is dedicated to the legendary Showbread (lechem hapanim). Of all the breads, this is the most complicated, requiring incredible skill and is for the most part shrouded in mystery.

Finally the climax! We go for a guided tour of the Azara and the Heichal, with a life-size model of the Shulchan Lechem Hapanim as we load the ceremonial table with the Lechem Hapanim as the priests did every Shabbat morning.

Most of the concepts that will be covered in this workshop, until now, were abstract to you. Here they will come to life as you practically deal with the ancient units of measure and solve mathematical puzzles (amah, tefach, eifah, isaron etc.) It is one thing to read about such things in the Chumash and the Gemara, but quite another to actually see them, touch them, taste them, smell real levonah!

If you are looking for an activity that combines authentic Jewish values with hands-on baking in a multi-sensory extravaganza of sight, sound, taste and smell – this is it! Adults will find it incredibly educational, enlightening and even inspiring. This workshop is lots of fun, combining hands on activity with many stories, mathematical puzzles to get the grey cells working and of course you will all leave with a sack full of amazing, interesting, tasty and holy breads 

Where: Saidel Artisan Baking Institute, HaHadas 22, Karnei Shomron. 1 hour fromJerusalem exit (20 minutes from Road 6 – Chorshim/Kfar-Sava exit)
When: Monday June 25th, 14:30-17:30
Cost:110 NIS/person.  
Family workshops throughout the summer. Private Workshops available - suitable for Bar Mitzvah parties, family/Work outings

We are Kasher LeMehadrin. wheel chair accessible. Airconditioned.
For details & registration: 09-7941222

We look forward to hosting you!
Les & Sheryl Saidel
Saidels Artisan Baking Institute
Tel: 1-800-35-1222/097941222

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