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| Greater Jerusalem Women's Meetup Group --- now seeking members!     to be determined
Wednesday, 11 July 11:44 AM

 Do you have a passion for music? Do you play an instrument? Do you sing? This a woman's group for amateur musicians of varying levels, music students and singers who want the opportunity to participate in musical activities with others.

Women of all levels of religious observance will be welcomed. Our group's goals are multi-faceted. Different activities will be right for different people.

High on our priority list is making it possible for like-minded, musically compatible people to meet each other to jam. Also high priority is finding more members to participate in a small, currently-existing intermediate level choir in Efrat. Yet another aim, is creating a meeting place to share musical ideas, creations, challenges, learning opportunities, events and information. 

Become a member of our group and help create opportunities for a musical experience!






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