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| ILS 65/hour. Apartment cleaning position starts now. You can get paid in cash today.

Moshe Diamond     Tel Aviv Beaches and Center
Monday, 24 December 3:39 AM

Looking for an active cleaner (OSEK PETUR OR OSEK MURSHE) for apartments in the central Tel Aviv area, between King George Street and Hayarkon Street.


There is a salaried position available from ILS 7000 and up a month. You will not work every hour, but you need to be available basically from 13:00 to 21:00 Sunday to Thursday and 9:00/10:00 to 15:00/16:00 on Fridays. If you are not needed you can use that time as you like, but the availability is important. Usually you will know 1-2 days in advance the schedule, but there can be changes, but there are ways for you to plan for that (like to prepare an apartment ahead of time anyways). .

There is also a part-time poition available. The work is about 15-20 hours a week. Each apartment requires 1-4 hours of work, depending on the size. There are on average 2 jobs per day. There are other duties possible such a painting or fixing if you have these skills. A salaried position is also possible.


The best person for these jobs lives somewhere close to King George street or between King George and the beach and has a bicycle or scooter to move between apartments on any given day.

An apartment is also available in the center of Tel Aviv for rent if you also need an apartment.


All cleaning materials are supplied. This job requires physical exercise. Cleaners usually tell me that the job got them in good shape (no gym membership needed). 


ONLY INTERESTED IN WORKING WITH OSEK PETUR OR MURSHE. If you are not or don’t know what that means please don’t apply.


If you want to be osek petur, the process is very easy to become one. It requires filling out 2-3 forms at 2-3 offices that are by Azrieli Center.There is no cost to get this status.


This is great for a freelancer working from home in this area, maybe a graphic designer or translator who is looking for more hours. This can be a long-term job.


TO APPLY: Please send an email indicating that you are osek petur or murshe along with your phone number.


PLEASE DO NOT APPLY IF YOU ARE NOT osek petur or murshe.


You can start working today.


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