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| I made Aliya. So did my phone number.

Zev Stub    
Thursday, 13 September 5:32 PM

For a U.S. citizen, moving to a new place, a new city, a new country and especially a new continent can be a rough journey. Bringing along some familiar elements can be quite helpful and reassuring. And why not your U.S. phone number? This is what Annatel offers.

There once was a Jewish man from Brooklyn who was fed up with winters in New York City.

This man is me or it could be you!

After carefully thinking it over and wondering where I could find the perfect sunny location, I finally decided to settle in… Israel. I felt a need to be connected to this land, our land.

Thirty years of living in the United States as an American Jewish citizen and a hardcore New Yorker, I could finally bring my experience and knowledge, as well as my strong feelings of identity, to the Jewish State.

Words can’t describe this emotion, but they aren’t necessary as we all know how it feels to move to Israel.

Leaving a lot behind, Annatel helped me keep the most important information

Making Aliya is not an easy process. It involves many steps and overcoming numerous challenges.

If the means of keeping in touch with business partners or relatives in the U.S. are simpler than before, it is still much easier to make a call using your current U.S. phone number.

A phone number is not just a series of digits.

Unlike twenty years ago, most of us can’t remember a phone number, not even our own.  In spite of that, we are even more attached than ever to our smartphones as they have become a part of our modern everyday lives.

Changing a phone number is not an easy process, especially when moving to another country and having to select a new provider. Under these conditions, connections with family, friends and professional networks could become much more difficult.

Wanting to keep my phone number wasn’t simply a whim. It was an essential part of my life in the U.S. and moving to Israel didn’t mean that I wanted to cut myself off from my American social life.

I had two options: I could cancel my phone plan in the U.S. or I could continue paying my American provider a monthly fee to be able to keep my U.S. phone number… That’s right, paying for an entire phone plan just to keep the number!!

With Annatel, I can cancel my U.S. provider AND I keep my U.S. phone number.

Then I found an amazing solution: Annatel.  

Annatel gave me the best of both worlds.  One Israeli provider for two phone numbers, an Israeli one and my good old American number.

But I wasn’t reassured yet. How was this going to happen? What kind of process will I have to go through? How many papers will I have to fill out?

And most important of all, how can I be sure that it will be done correctly?

With Annatel:  Everything is done for me

This is when the magic begins!

Just one simple phone call was enough for everything to be ready on the first day of my Aliya.  

I was able to select my Israeli phone plan and begin the transfer process of my American phone number.

I could even choose the exact date that I wanted my phone number transferred to Annatel.

What happens “behind the scenes”? They explained everything in detail, so let me clarify what goes on.  Annatel takes care of EVERYTHING. They contacted my U.S. provider to cancel my line and at the same time, they made sure my U.S. phone number was kept and transferred to Annatel.

It’s as easy to use as any regular texting service.

I didn’t need to send a new phone number to all my friends and hundreds of business partners. A new number could have resulted in the loss of clients.

I didn’t even know this was possible!

You’re certainly asking yourself how much does it cost to transfer my U.S. number to Annatel?

The answer is quite astonishing: it is FREE.

On the day I arrived in Israel, I simply inserted my Annatel SIM card into my smartphone  and I was able to receive and make calls to the U.S.A. using my American number.

This means that when I call from my Israeli phone, people in the U.S. see the number I was using when I was living in New York. Not only this, but I can text and receive messages through the Annatext App.

This is just a total game changer for me, and made my transfer from the U.S. to Israel much smoother.

Give it a try just as I did, you won’t regret it.

Click here to get ready to transfer your number.


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