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| M.Ed program in English as an international language at Talpiot College of Education

Zev Stub    
Sunday, 02 September 4:30 PM

The M.Ed program at Talpiot College of Education focuses on English as an international language. We believe that in our globalized world it is imperative that English teachers in Israel broaden and deepen their knowledge of English and become familiar with new pedagogies in order to prepare their pupils for life in a global world where all communication - from shopping and entertainment to connecting to experts in specific fields - are conducted in English.

The program will encourage teachers to become educators who encourage growth, curiosity and joy of discovery in their classrooms while engaging in authentic communication in English. By acquiring a high level of academic competence involving theoretical knowledge relevant to the field of teaching English as an international language together with innovative pedagogy, M.ED students will become independent and critical thinkers and practitioners. They will shift their focus and emphasis from conservative teaching strategies to more up-to-date pedagogy involving technology and projects which stress the need for positive communication, negotiation and collaboration.  They will prepare their pupils for the constantly changing reality and become agents of culture sensitive to issues connected to multiculturalism.

The courses are designed to gain an in depth knowledge of recent theoretical work in the fields of Educational Linguistics and Language Policy, Literary and Cultural Studies, and Pedagogy including Educational Technology.


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