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| Top 3 Israeli Autumn Culture Festivals

Chaya V    
Thursday, 13 September 11:26 PM
Oud, Acco, and Abu Ghosh: writes about these three culture festivals which happen annually in Israel during the autumn. 

1. Acco Festival - Fringe Theater (September 24-27, 2018)

The Israeli equivalent of Fringe Theater at its best, the Acco Festival takes place over four days during the Holy Days of the Sukkot holiday (usually in October).

The Acco Festival was first launched in 1980, and ever since has been at the forefront for high-quality, original theater in a colorful, vibrant atmosphere, against the background of historic Acco’s amazing Old City landscape.

2. Abu Ghosh Vocal Music Festival (September 28 - October 1, 2018)

The Festival takes place twice a year, each Sukkot and Shavuot, and usually lasts between 3-5 days. This Sukkot (2018) it takes place on September 28 – October 1.

There is an interesting collection of music this year, including performances Elizabethan love songs by Sting and the Beatles and a celebration of Beethoven’s Scottish songs! For further details of what’s on offer, and to buy tickets, see the official website in English.

3. Jerusalem Oud Festival (November 8-17, 2018)

The 2018 Festival (the 19th) will be taking place November 8-17 and will be featuring some amazing talent as usual, so book those tickets early!

The Jerusalem Oud Festival is often known as the “king of musical instruments.” King of the Middle Eastern sound for sure, the oud is a unique pear-shaped instrument that unites and connects diverse musical cultures and traditions; but it’s also known beyond the Middle East, including as far as the Indian subcontinent.


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