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| Ofer Berkovitch & Hitorerut: Jerusalem Above All Else

Zev Stub    
Tuesday, 02 October 8:56 AM

When you go to vote on October 30th, you are participating in an over 3000-year-old debate as to who should lead Jerusalem. Your vote should go to a candidate and a party that puts the city first. That has a history and a vision that will move Jerusalem forward while respecting its past. 

Ofer Berkovitch and Hitorerut have ten years of experience working with for the people of Jerusalem. For ten years we have built the city in a myriad of ways. We helped bring in tech startups, renovated business centers, ended Egged’s monopoly, planned the first cultural events in the Shuk, found solutions for abandoned buildings, supported non-profits that work with olim, brought We Work to the city, improved the municipal response for at-risk youth, created municipal frameworks for August daycare and more. Ofer himself has held some of the most important portfolios such as culture and city center development.

We have done all of this without any connections to national parties, allowing us to welcome everyone who wants to work for Jerusalem.

That is why we are performing so well in the polls and why Ofer is unquestionably the leading Zionist candidate in the city.

So, on October 30th say no to backroom deals. Say no to outside interests trying to use the city as a chip. Say yes to Jerusalem.

Vote for Ofer Berkovitch and Hitorerut.

If you have any questions or want to join the party, please fill out this form and we’ll be in touch:

You can find Hitorerut's full platform in English here

Read Ofer Berkovitch's Interview with Janglo


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