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Jerusalem Life

| Dizengoff Square Upgrade Near Completion, But What About Pedestrians?

Chaya V    
Thursday, 11 October 11:33 AM
...over the past week and a half, since the fences and scaffolding were removed, and the renovation work – at a cost of about 60 million shekels ($16.5 million) – neared the end, few people seem to want to venture into the square. 

As of now, the connection between it and the street has not improved things for pedestrians: Between the outer part of the square, which abuts on restaurants, stores and coffee shops, and the small park in the inner circle, there are three main traffic arteries with only four crosswalks. Nevertheless, the square has slowly returned to its original, street-level form, as planned by architect Genia Averbuch in the 1930s, and now highlights the design and aesthetics of the historic structures surrounding it.


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