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For Sale

Arthritis and Sprains Pain Relief -Glucosamine roll on gel!₪35

chana winkler     rechavia shaarei chessed nachlaot     See on Map
Thursday, 14 February 8:45 AM
Glucosamine pain relief roll on gel for sale in central yerushalayim 
limiled availability 
  • Provides benefits to sufferers of joint and arthritis pain
  • Convenient to take along with you wherever you go
  • Fast, temporary relief of minor aches and pains
  • Great for simple back aches, sprains, muscle aches
  • Odorless, greaseless, does not leave stains
  • Warm, penetrating 
price: 35 nis for one roll on

Here's the description of it on amazon: 

5 for 160 
whole lot of 16 for 480

02 563 0189
Jerusalem Dental - Dr. Simone Landau
23 reviews

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