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| Moshe Lion: Working For You in Jerusalem

Zev Stub    
Wednesday, 24 October 1:06 PM

Moshe Lion – Working for You

Click here to learn about Moshe Lion’s Plan as mayor of Jerusalem

Click here to see Moshe Lion's recent interview in Mishpacha Magazine. 

Self-Made Man

From humble beginnings as the son of a garage owner from Saloniki, Moshe Lion strove to make an impact, building from scratch his accounting firm Lion Orlitsky into one of Israel’s top companies. He began his public career as the Managing Director of the Prime Minister's Office of Benjamin Netanyahu, and later served as the Chairman of the Board of Mayanei HaYeshua Hospital, Chairman of the Jerusalem Development Authority, and Chairman of Israel Railways, promoting Jerusalem with tremendous dedication, and overseeing such projects as the creation of the “First Station” recreation area, one of the most successful renewal projects the city has known.

Yerushalmi by Choice

After the close mayoral race of 2013 where he lost to the incumbent mayor Nir Barkat, Moshe Lion didn’t give up on working for Jerusalem. Three years ago, he joined the coalition, to serve as Head of the Community Councils (Rosh Minhalim Kehillatiim), to understand and service Jerusalem’s population from the ground up. Three years of living and breathing Jerusalem, neighborhood by neighborhood, gave him a deep appreciation to the challenges and opportunities of Jerusalem’s residents. Moshe Lion is not a Yerushalmi by an accident of birth, but a Yerushalmi by choice -- a hard-earned privilege.

Unparalleled Experience

Lion's intimate knowledge of every neighborhood of the city, across all her different sectors, combined with unmatched managerial experience, put him in a unique position to bring Jerusalem to new heights. From the halls of the Prime Minister’s office to abandoned youth club buildings in Rasco, only Moshe Lion has the cross-section of exposure and proven abilities to achieve his goals at all levels of government. His past accomplishments include obtaining an extra 2 billion dollars to solve the fiscal crisis, tripling the budget of community councils, giving them more independence to allocate the funds according to the priorities of the residents, and the development of the Jerusalem high-speed rail line.

The Vision

Moshe Lion’s vision for Jerusalem is that of a city where the municipality is accountable to the citizens and the citizens feel empowered to contribute to their environment. Lion does not just have his eyes on the large-scale municipal projects, but also on smaller initiatives to improve the quality of life for Jerusalem residents, and to bring the different sectors together on areas of common interest, and for mutual benefit --- In housing, education, business and sanitation. A selection of his goals for the first five years are:

Quality Education

  • Increase the budget per child by three, to make it equivalent to students in other major Israeli cities.
  • One free extra-curricular course for every child
  • Reduce the number of students in a classroom to an average of 25 students per class
  • Free textbook lending to all students – no more rentals
  • The third-year tuition-free for students in Jerusalem institutions of higher education
  • Ensure the establishment of a free and enhanced transportation system for students in the city during school hours and to improve the transportation system of special education children
  • Open the city's schools for social activities in the afternoons
  • Set up evening schools for dropout students, to complete studies, prepare for matriculation, vocational training, and experience in professional work


  • Appointment of sanitation coordinators for each neighborhood administration
  • Strengthening the municipal workforce with an additional 300 sanitation and landscaping workers
  • Dispose of daily garbage dumpsters in busy areas, replacing them with hidden containers below street level.
  • Restore the neglected gardens and squares throughout the city


Housing and Construction

  • Issue building permits in a shortened process of up to 180 days
  • Increase the building rights to the optimal use of land for construction in Jerusalem, while protecting green spaces
  • An interest-free loan of NIS 200,000 for the purchase of an apartment in Jerusalem for young couples

Business Development


  • Implement a one-stop-shop model in the Business Promotion Division: Concentrate all the municipal bureaucratic services that businesses need, in one place
  • Give incentives to new factories to be built in Jerusalem - tax breaks and property tax
  • Grant a package of benefits for each new business that was opened, including discounts on municipal taxes, discounts on signs after the first year, and grants to businesses employing only Jerusalemites



Experience and Heart

Jerusalem has just past her 50th anniversary of unification – Her future as the thriving capital of Israel, as recognized now with the U.S. embassy move, is bright. But the city needs a leader who not only appreciates grand gestures and symbolism, but someone who is willing to roll his sleeves up and deal with the smallest details that can make or break quallity of life for Jerusalem residents.


  • Only Lion has the big picture – The finances, the business, the public, and the government.
  • Only Lion has the in-depth, hands-on relationship to the neighborhoods.
  • Only Lion has brought together support from all sectors and can bring the disparate elements of the city together.
  • He cares for you, for your home, your family and your business. On Oct 30th, vote Yad for Moshe Lion for Mayor.


Click here to learn about Moshe Lion’s Plan as mayor of Jerusalem


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