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| $15-40 USD per hour; Work from Home!

Teach ESL English     Work from home
Monday, 30 March 7:40 AM

Work from Home!

Apply to Teach Remotely Online

Earn/Make $15-40+ USD per hour!

Work from Home!
Teach English Online! It's easy, fun, and rewarding!
Get Your Teaching Certificate and start earning $$$ Teaching Remotely Online!

Remote Online Work!

Are you tired of the oppressive, enslaving job market that considers you just another replaceable number, and that pays minimum wage of a few $USD per hour, and thinks it is doing you a favor?

Are you tired of busting your ass for a "good-paying" job of only a few $USD per hour?

Do you want to stop losing valuable time to-and-from work each day in commute travel time (approx. 2+ hours each day), and INSTEAD: Work from Home?

Do you want a TRULY high-paying job that is also fun, rewarding, and easy money?

Does this sound too good to be true?

If so, then you are stuck in the bubble of your local job market, so let us broaden your horizons!

It is time that you learned about remote online work and remote online jobs.

In other words: Work from home remotely online via the internet!

If you speak fluent English with a neutral US / Canadian / UK / Australian / New Zealand / South African accent...

...and if you have a bachelor's degree AND/OR a teaching certificate AND/OR experience working with children...

...then you can work from home remotely online via the internet to teach ESL English (as well as other subjects) to children and adults with your computer camera and earn $15-40+ USD per hour BASE PAY PLUS BONUSES AND INCENTIVES.

For some Online Teaching Companies, the work hours are entirely flexible. For other companies, the work hours are fixed, e.g. 1800-2200 Beijing Time (GMT +8), and you can choose the days of the week that you are available to work. Some of these companies offer extra bonuses for weekend work. Some of these companies only require minimum 1-2 hours per day and/or 8 hours per week. Other have no requirements for minimum hours, and no limitations for the maximum hours that you can work.

I am currently working at several of these Online Teaching Companies. At one of them, I am making $24 USD per hour BASE PAY + extra $15 USD per hour for weekend hours, i.e. $39 USD per hour (on weekends) to teach ESL English to Chinese children! There are also bonuses for good reviews from the students' parents, and also monthly bonuses of several hundred USD for perfect attendance, no late arrivals to classes, etc. At another company, I am working to teach 3-4 students per class and earning $45-60 USD per hour (i.e. $15 USD per student per class hour)!

Some companies allow you to create your own curriculum, while most of them have a set class curriculum so all you have to do is show up to class and speak English with children or adults who want to learn using the prepared class curriculum - and all from the comfort of your own home working remotely online via the internet!

If you want to earn 2-4 times what you are making now with high-pay and easy money for fun and rewarding work 3-4+ hours per day, then visit our web site and click on the links for each company to apply to work from home teaching remotely online! Record your video introduction, send your CV/resume, and schedule an interview!

We now live in a global village, so start making good money teaching remotely online via the internet, and work from home!

Earn/Make $15-40+ USD per hour!

Work from Home!
Teach English Online! It's easy, fun, and rewarding!
Get Your Teaching Certificate and start earning $$$ Teaching Remotely Online!

Remote Online Work!


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