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| Light housekeeping

Chana Malka Finkel     Givat Shaul
Friday, 11 January 1:33 PM

A woman with triplets is in need of a woman or a teenager to do light housekeeping 3 days a week. 
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings from 10am to 12pm and 12pm to 2pm.

She can pay up to 25nis per hour for someone to come in to do this. 
They are under tremendous financial constraints.

Three babies are a huge blessing but she is not superwoman. Her husband is working full-time and she is simply exhausted and sleep deprived.

To Volunteer: Sunday thru Thursday, 2 women or girls at a time, to hold and feed babies.
She desperately needs to give attention to her other children who are 6, 4 and 2 years of age. 
Hours:       3 to 5pm or from 5 to 7pm

Please contact Tania Preminger 052-580-3400
[Givat Shaul, easy access right off the light-rail]

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