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| Hello! I am now starting a real estate agency in Jerusalem, I am looking for an assistant

Jerusalem / Europe     Jerusalem
Thursday, 06 December 9:16 PM

A great opportunity for new immigrants with excellent English who love to combine travelling(to Europe) with work.



I am now starting a real estate agency in Jerusalem, I am looking for an assistant.

 I have many years of experience in this field, I speak English and Hebrew, I work mainly with English-speaking clients and new immigrants, I help them find an apartment in a place that suits their lifestyle, I negotiate for them to get the best possible price . I check assets if they have no legal or other problems. I translate the contract for them before they sign it so that they know very well what they sign. And my prices are the lowest in the market! (Money is not the main thing!).

If you want to learn a new job, and work seriously with positive energy in a positive atmosphere (no drama!) I'd love to hear from you! 

Suitable for those who are available and want  to work.  Someone who knows how to work in a team, someone who likes to share ideas and build out of caring (if your goal is only money and money it will not suit you!), can work flexible hours, and have a real smile on their faces.

No experience necessary. 

Basic salary  4000 NIS plus a high percentage.

More information over the phone. (Please include a contact number!).

In order not to waste  your time please read:

I prefer to work with a small number of serious clients who also pay more than dozens of clients who do not even pay. Since I know personally serious people who live in Europe who want to move to Jerusalem, I meet them personally, and they also sign an agreement of payment of fees. 

Therefore :

 1. I am looking for a serious person who wants to work together step by step, someone who is free from dramas, who likes to travel to Europe from time to time and who enjoys meeting Jewish communities in Europe (we  will stay in  a Jewish community where kosher food and synagogues are located). You do have to pay for the expenses.

2. Someone who is reliable, who does not take client details to himself or transfers to others! 

3. Someone with a European passport.

An answer will be given only to those who attach a CV and a cover letter in which he expresses not only "how much work suits him" but also how much he likes to help people with a good heart. (Good clients do business with trusted people rather than "professional talkers").

Thank you! 

Shabbat shalom!🏡
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