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| Special Opportunity Thursday January 30th: Make Money from Home Seminar in Jerusalem

Ailon Meir     City Center
Sunday, 26 January 10:09 AM
Nine years ago Ailon and Nechama Meir found themselves in an impossible situation with 5 children, tons of expenses, And lots of stress.

At their seminar, they'll share their inspirational story of how they started a successful business from home and how they've helped hundreds of others to do the same. 

Thursday January 30th10:00 - 12:30, Jaffa 224 Jerusalem.

Invest 3 hours to learn our amazing strategies that could change your financial situation!

Tickets now for only NIS 19.90. 

We start at 10:00am SHARP, please be prompt. 


Coscas Health & Fitness
Katamon, Jerusalem
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