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| When Nature Calls, The P-Pass Tells You Where To Go

Zev Stub    
Monday, 11 February 9:26 AM
When you gotta go, you gotta go. For tourists and locals in Tel Aviv, a new early-stage initiative makes knowing where to go when nature calls just a click of a button away. It’s called P-pass and it makes finding where to pee when out and about so much easier.

Seinfeld’s George Costanza famously knew all the “magnificent facilities” in New York City. The P-pass bathroom-finding service helps its users find ‘magnificent’ businesses and eateries at which to relieve any full bladder worries.

“Innovation is about solving real problems and we found not knowing where to pee to be a major issue,” Tal Elharar, 31, one of the student-entrepreneurs behind the P-pass service, tells NoCamels. “Everyone has to go. When you’re a tourist, you don’t always want to go into a restaurant or business and ask to use the bathroom. Or, you feel you need to buy something that you don’t really want just so that you can go to the bathroom.”

Elharar, Ariel Rozenberg, Tal Leibushor-Dahan and Shlomit Joy-Goren are the four MA students of Design, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship at the College of Management Academic Studies in Rishon Lezion, set on toilet training Tel Aviv.

The P-pass mission is to “provide quick and easy toilet access to users and potential profit to retailers, transforming it from a usually awkward activity to social responsibility.”

Full Story (No Camels)

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