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Win Jeru     City Center
Thursday, 28 November 9:54 AM
We are looking for motivated people to be part of our cleaning team. 

We have luxury vacation apartments in the City Center of Jerusalem at Davidka train stop and are searching for the right person to join our team. 

The job is flexible with hours/days - preferably looking for people who can work 3, 4 or 5 days a week or more for a full day. 

Cleaning experience is not necessary - we will train you. 

You should be legal to work in Israel - we pay monhtly tlush with all required social benefits. 

Salary begins at minimum and goes up to 35/hr after 3 months. 

If Interested in the job - please call JULIE at 02-625-3990 (PRESS 1) 


Sam Reizer, Holistic Hairdressing
02-563-4515, 054-487-2794
4 reviews
Milliard Israel
Ramat Eshkol, Jrslm
RE/MAX Vision- " Our Vision, fulfilling your dream"
02-6731661 054-5777509

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