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| The Jerusalem Municipality Offers Innovative Help for Senior Citizens

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Tuesday, 14 May 4:46 PM

The Facebook page of the Jerusalem municipality has taken an innovative and unprecedented step towards aiding senior citizens to gain access to their rights. The municipality is implementing a Live Chat service option on their page, where citizens of an older age can navigate through the bureaucracy with assistance and ease. A qualified team of lawyers, social workers and trained professionals will be offering their answers on significant topics.


In order to make things easier for the elderly population, their families, caregivers and the like, this team will be dedicated to assisting the applicants in providing answers and explanations on critical issues such as: Nursing homes, home improvement and accessibility for those who have undergone surgery, cardiac or cerebral events and other accidents.


The Live Chat option launched on May 14th, from 12:30pm.


The Jerusalem Municipality’s Department for Senior Citizens operates many other programs for learning and leisure in diverse fields. In addition to these services, you can also receive consultation and advice for post-retirement options, such as studies, physical activities and employment. The “Up + 60” Center was recently opened in order to give post-retirement planning solutions to those who need it. For this service, please contact 02-5468223.    



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