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| Jerusalem Prepares for Lag B'Omer

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Monday, 20 May 10:29 AM

The Jerusalem Municipality is preparing for Lag Ba'omer and its traditional bonfires and will be marking areas permitting public bonfires around the city. These places will be specifically chosen for their low-risk chances of spreading the fires. In addition to this, the municipality is selecting areas that people with disabilities and special needs can take part and access the festivities without being endangered.


As part of the preparations for the holiday, select municipal offices have begun to patrol the city in order to mark down high risk areas to prevent damage to public spaces such as trees, benches, parks etc.


The municipality, alongside the fire department, is reminding the public that the location of the bonfire must be in a clear area, away from thorns and weeds that is within reasonable distance from buildings and infrastructure. The fire must be surrounded by stones, and flammable objects and materials must be removed from the area.


The following are the regulated areas for lighting bonfires:



Shlomo Doga Street (in the open area of ​​the synagogue)

Hashayish Street

Ahlama Street

Margalit Street (near the dog park)

Baruchi Street (the open area next to the synagogue)

Sigalit Street (in an open area)


Har Homa

Shmuel Meir Boulevard (behind the police station)

Shmuel Meir Ave opposite the police in the open area

The bus terminal behind Rabbi Hasdai Street and the soccer field in the open area

Baba Sali Street (in front of Beitams' 17 near the square in the open area)

Salz Street (near the park to the right of the path)

Rav Kalfon Street (in the open area)

Moshe Hacohen Street


Armon Hanaziv

Meir Feinstein Street along the entire street

Between Avshalom Haviv St. and Al-R Street (in the open area)

Eliyahu Hakim Street and Anusi Mashhad Street (at the intersection of the streets)

Eliyahu Lenkin Street (in the open area)


Important Safety Rules and Guidelines for Extinguishing Fires and Safety Regulations for Lighting Bonfires in Public Spaces:


·        The fire must be surrounded by stones to prevent children from approaching the fire.


·        All combustible materials and flammable liquid must be removed from the area, and it is strictly forbidden to hold gas or fuel tanks near the fire.


·        It is recommended to wear closed shoes and long trousers to protect your body from sparks and coal from the fire. The burning of the bonfire can only be done by a young adult, who can responsibly follow the safety regulations.


·        Do not spill / splash gasoline on the burning fire. This action is dangerous and may cause serious injury. It is absolutely forbidden to throw spray cans, firecrackers, or weapon shells that can explode and injure those around the you into the fire.


·        Do not throw objects that emit substances that are hazardous to health into the flames, such as: plastic, polystyrene, etc.


·        It is absolutely forbidden to start a fire under electricity or telephone lines, near bushes, fuel and gas facilities, etc.


·        Do not leave a burning fire without supervision.


·        At the end of the celebrations, the fire must be completely extinguished with sand or water.


The municipality asks that the public contact the fire department in any case of concern regarding the fire. (Dial 102).


The firefighting and rescue services will be on standby all night. Before the fires are lit, the firefighters will go on early patrols with police representatives to ensure further protection.


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