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| New Plan Approved to Help Reduce Pollution in Jerusalem

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Wednesday, 12 June 11:11 AM

Mayor Moshe Lion: “This updated plan will lead to an improvement in the health and quality of life for all Jerusalem residents.”

The Jerusalem Municipality has approved a draft proposal that calls to update the multi-year plan to reduce air pollution from transportation in Jerusalem.  This plan proposes new regulation updates that will guide the city into a greener future, and places a strong emphasis on improving the health of residents.

These updates include redefining the vehicles that fall under the maximum pollution emission category according to national regulations, and expanding "reduced emission areas" across the city.

This plan derives from the Government Resolution 2683, adopted on 28/05/17, which called to lower air pollution in the city at a greater rate.

The Municipality hopes to make Jerusalem one of the cleanest areas in the world, and want to achieve a "crystal clear mountain air" atmosphere across the city – as it should be.  Additionally, there are alternatives being raised for owners of heavily polluting vehicles, such as installing filters or finding inexpensive ways to trade their cars for one’s suitable for the program.

The Municipality will continue to propel forward their initiatives to make Jerusalem a less polluted city, in more ways than just this one. The construction of the new light rail lines as well as continued improvements to other transportation services will hopefully encourage more residents to use these alternative ways of travel.


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