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| Parent Cyber Patrol Begins

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Sunday, 07 July 4:21 PM
Parent patrols have become a routine over the Summer months as kids are let out of school for vacation, and parents begin to wonder what their kids are getting up to without their usual schedules. With the significant increase of hours spent by teenagers on the internet, the Municipal Parents' Committee have decided to establish a virtual parent patrol.

As Poenta reports, the Municipal Parents' Committee joined the media department of the municipality's youth promotion division and are in favor of the project, which was called "Sabras - Parent Patrol on the Net." The goal is to help identify youth who are at risk and/or in distress in an online space, with an emphasis on social networks.

Younger children continue to be at risk from online predators and cyber bullying. Natanela Shitovi, coordinator of the Sabras project, added that "the new project deals with ongoing reports we recieve to our Facebook page. The parents identify youth in danger on the internet, and by age we can measure their distress. For example, a parent who identifies sexual harassment on the internet will report it and the child can be referred to the therapeutic web page, through which youth can consult anonymously with social workers."

It should be noted that the parents participating in the virtual parents' patrol undergo extensive training, which helps them to understand and identify distress experienced by youth.

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