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| Solutions Product Manager

Keren Feldman     Hod Hasharon
Tuesday, 16 July 4:25 PM

What you’ll do:

A Solutions Product Manager (PM) is a member of the company’s Product Management team.  A Solution PM is responsible for defining end-to-end solutions based on specific customer requirements and a wide offering of Allot’s products. Main tasks include:

  • Understanding customer needs and defining solution architecture, scope and timeline to meet these requirements
  • Working with customer and Presale team to understand the required capabilities
  • Working with Product Managers, responsible for the products combining the solution, to identify gaps and ways to resolve them
  • Writing PRD, HLD and other specification documents, both for internal usage and customer-facing documents to make sure the solution will meet customer’s expectations
  • Working with relevant R&D teams on required effort estimation for project specific and new features.
  • Working with R&D to monitor and validate the solutions being developed and providing required information during the process
  • Managing and working with external vendors as required to implement specific aspects of the solution
  • Provide technological guidance in his/her areas of expertise for other teams in the company
  • Participate in internal product management and development process
  • Support Presales, Sales, Professional Services and Customer Support with understanding customer/problem-domain related issues, in both presale & support contexts.
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