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| Amazon Web Services Sets Up Infrastructure in Israel

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Wednesday, 14 August 1:00 PM

Amazon's cloud service Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced this morning that it is setting up a cloud infrastructure in Israel based on local data centers. AWS is following in the footsteps of Microsoft, which set up its Azure cloud computing services in Israel in June. AWS currently has cloud infrastructures in 22 countries, and has now announced setting up data centers in nine more countries including Israel, Italy and South Africa.

The infrastructure in Israel will enable AWS to operate its CloudFront fast content delivery network. At present, AWS's Israeli customers must use data centers based in Europe. This fact has a major significance because the data maintained and operated in a cloud server is subject to the regulations in which a data center is located. Consequently, it will be more of a 'safe haven' for sensitive data if the servers are in Israel, especially for organizations in the defense and public sectors. In the current situation, a European court could potentially obligate a company to reveal the data in its servers.

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