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| New Complex to be Built by the First Station

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Thursday, 12 September 11:34 AM
A new complex is to be constructed by the First Station which will contain hundreds of apartments, employment buildings and hotels. The District Planning Commission is promoting the master plan for the Station's new complex area, in hopes to provide 610 more housing units for young couples.

On Monday the 9th of September, committee chairman, Adv. Amir Shaked, adopted the ambitious masterplan. The plan, submitted by the Israel Lands Authority, covers an area of ​​about 75 dunams and also includes building areas for hotels and trade of approx. 170,000 square meters. The construction will be located south of the station complex - between the Abu Tor, Baqa and Talbiya neighborhoods, which border the streets via Bethlehem to the West and Hebron to the East.

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Jeannette Amezquita - Life Coach

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