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| Jerusalem Municipality to Renew "Merkaz Mischari" in the French Hill neighborhood

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Thursday, 12 September 11:50 AM
Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion: "The commercial center in the French Hill neighborhood is a major anchor and a life-changing focus for residents and business owners. Its renewal will include a physical upgrade as well as support for businesses and community activities in a variety of ways, for the residents of the neighborhood and the business owners operating there."

The Local Planning and Building Committee of the Jerusalem Municipality, chaired by Eliezer Rauchberger, approved yesterday a deposit for the new plan. The commercial center of the French Hill is located on a central road in the neighborhood, between the streets of Haganah, Shalom Galilee and Bar Kochba. The center is currently only 2 stories high, only partially utilizing the area, is outdated and has accessibility issues, and therefore does not adequately address the needs of the neighborhood as would be expected of a main commercial center.

The Commercial Center Renovation Plan (No. 553636) offers the demolition of the existing buildings and construction of a mixed-use complex that includes: development of a large urban plaza towards Haganah Street, additional areas built for public purposes, and the construction of 5 buildings with their upper floors being used for residential purposes, two 12-storey buildings, two 18-storey buildings and another 8-storey building (213 units in total).


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