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| This Chanukah get everything you need from Chagiga in Katamon!

Adina Duchanov    
Thursday, 17 October 8:46 PM

This Chanukah get everything you need from Chagiga in Katamon!

Great selection of quality board games & card games!                                                                            

Variety of Arts & Crafts kits!

Variety of toys & games for all ages, including toy cars, Barbie dolls, TY dolls, baby dolls, ponies, puzzles and many more unique presents!!

Light up / signing Svivonim!

Tons of Stickers - Including Special Chanukah Stickers!

Wrapping paper & gift bags!

Great present for adults and teenagers- 2 types of Shabbos lamps!

Huge Variety of Decorative Napkins including Special Chanukah Napkins!! All 3-ply decorative napkins are on sale-  buy 3 and get the 4th free!

Special Chanukah Plates, Cups, Table Decorations and Napkins!

Chanukah candles!

Colored oils are available in 10 beautiful colors!

As always, we have all the Chad Peami you will need for your Chanukah parties at our usual great prices!!

AND MUCH MUCH MORE!! You wouldn't believe how many items we carry!

Stop by to check it out! 

WE ARE OPEN EVERYDAY OF CHANUKAH (Sunday Dec 22nd – Monday Dec 30th) UNTIL 4PM!!! *Friday until 1pm.


Mivtzah Kadesh 4, Katamon (at the corner of Palmach street)  Parking available on all adjacent streets.  Bus stop across the street.


Sunday – Thursday 9:30 – 19:00, Fridays/ Erev Chag 8:30 – 13:00. 

Like our Facebook page “ ×—×’×™×’×” Chagiga ” for updates:


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