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| Paper Goods for Chag and so much more at Chagiga in Katamon!

Adina Duchanov    
Thursday, 17 October 8:46 PM

Amazing products available for Rosh Hashana at Chagiga in Katamon!!! 

- Great selection of beautiful napkins including Rosh Hashana / Shana Tova designs!!!

- Rosh Hashana Stickers

- HUGE variety of great chad pami including plates, cups, silverware, wine glasses and more (in many different styles and materials!

- Large selection of heavy duty tinfoil pans in many sizes (covers are also available for most sizes) 

- Heavy duty tinfoil

- Paper baking pans, including a variety of paper soufflé cups

- Large variety of dessert cups 

- Glass baking dishes

- Large selection of serving trays/bowls and utensils

- Disposable tablecloths 

- Yahrzeit candles

- NEW great quality Led ShabbosLite!! 3 levels of light, folds for traveling & can be used worldwide!!

-“Lamp Oil” for candle globes - 3 for 89 NIS!! Globes sold separately. 

- Toys, puzzles, games, board-games and more to keep everyone busy during the Chagim!!

AND MUCH MUCH MORE!! You wouldn't believe how many items we carry!

Stop by to check it out! 

Mivtzah Kadesh 4, Katamon (at the corner of Palmach street)  Parking available on all adjacent streets.  Bus stop across the street.


Sunday – Thursday 9:30 – 19:00, Fridays/ Erev Chag 8:30 – 13:00. 

Like our Facebook page “ ×—×’×™×’×” Chagiga ” for updates:


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