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| V.I.P. Elder-Caregiver Available For Hire (Auxiliare De Vie)

Zev Stub     Jerusalem
Thursday, 26 September 1:57 PM
Experienced Caregiver Available for Hire  (Auxiliare de vie)
  Gad 47 Ofra Jerusalem

I am an English speaking woman looking to work with elderly people who need special care from a kind, experienced care taker.

I am a 50-year-old woman. I have worked for the last 10 years with elderly people between the ages of 90-102, mostly English speaking independent women!

I work with the elderly doing everything a personal assistant would do, including managing daily schedules, doctors visits, personal care, warm friendship, respect, trips, organizing food, etc.

I have my license and a car, available for doctor visits, or trips and can make all the arrangements needed. I can watch your loved one if she/he needs to stay over in the Hospital and after during recuperation at home. 

I am also avialable Shabbos (weekend) and holidays.

Very often we worry about the technicalities involved with the needs of the elderly and forget to pay attention to the emotional side. I listen with kindness, patience and curiosity even when I have heard their story many times.....

We forget the fact that happiness, love and positive emotions contribute to your loved one's quality of life more than medicine does...

I love to exchange our life experiences.

Let's get together for a short visit to get to know one another to see if I am good dit for you or your loved one.

Many recommendations upon request!

You can follow me at Face Book : Efrat Glassner 

Please send me a Whatsapp text message on 052-336-3292.



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