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| Winter Insurance Tips by Egert Cohen Insurance

Zev Stub    
Tuesday, 12 November 2:32 PM

Insurance Tip 1:  It’s raining, it’s pouring

Rainy season has begun! This brings us to question of water damage: what is and what is not covered.

The following check-list might be helpful.


Is it covered (by standard insurance policies)?

  1. Storm damage  (Storm as qualified by the Meteorological Institute) 


  1. Snow, hail damage (at time of storm)


YES – (snow lying on your roof for two weeks and causing slow damage is not covered)

  1. Flood damage (from an external source of water)



  1. Rain Damage (seepage into walls or roof)



  1. Damage to pipes, sewage system, boilers etc.

YES… but there are some exclusions: 

  1. Damage caused by earth movement – not earthquake.


  2. Damage caused by faulty planning or building.


  3. Damage caused by normal wear and tear. In simple terms, a burst pipe is covered, including all work necessary to repair it. A 15 year old boiler that "dies", is not covered. Breaking news! Now, for the first time, you can insure your boiler for any eventuality (cost: approx. NIS 100 per year).


  1. Water Damage to contents of building (i.e.: your carpet is damaged or you have to repaint)



  1. Damage to Third Party (i.e.: Your bathtub overflows into your neighbor's apartment, destroying his antique collection.)


Claims: What to do?

Most Insurance companies have special "water damage" assessors and contractors that deal with these problems. If you are insured through your mortgage, you will have to contact their contractors.

Shimon Cohen is the manager of Egert & Cohen Insurance. Egert & Cohen is a family business that specializes in serving the Anglo and new olim populations. They provide a friendly and professional one-stop-shop for all your insurance needs. Egert & Cohen can be reached at 02-622-7999 or through their website 



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