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| Data Input For Shopify Store Website

joboffer5758     Central Jrslm
Monday, 29 June 4:04 PM


Due to the Corona we opened a website for our store which sells clothing for ladies, girls, babies etc.

We have a full range of clothing which includes dresses, tops, skirts.

We also have hair and baby accessories, hosiery, head coverings and more.

The clothing and hosiery comes in many sizes, colors and the skirts come in different lengths.

We are looking for someone with REAL EXPERIENCE in Shopify for data input for our products especially for the upcoming autumn and winter season.


You need to be:

1.  Able to work legal in Israel

2.  Fluent in Hebrew and English

3.  Ability to work with attention for detail and get the job done right the first time (yes, we will give you some slack at the beginning but after that it needs to be 100% right, every time, all the time)

4.  Understand the store, products and how we work.


Please Note:

This is a part time job, with many more hours expected and required when the merchandise arrives which will be mid to late August through September, and again February-March before Pesach.

Please send a resume and cover letter explaining your suitability for the job.


Thank You and have a great day.

Chiropractor- Dr. Raimi Tuchinsky
Jerusalem, Efrat
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