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| What Is A Minority Gov't Anyway And How Would It Be Approved By The Knesset?

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Tuesday, 19 November 10:27 AM

A minority government is comprised of a coalition of parties that have less than 61 seats in the 120-seat Knesset, which means that they lack a majority vote. Since a new government must be approved by the Knesset, how would a government with less than 61 seats be authorized by the Knesset? How would a minority government pass a budget or any legislation if it lacks a parliamentary majority?

The answer to both questions is reliance on “outside support” of one or more parties, a common method for minority governments throughout the world. For various reasons, “outside support” parties won’t join the governing coalition but will agree to provide support to the coalition to ensure it has a parliamentary majority on critical votes. In exchange, the “outside support” parties receive certain benefits that are agreed upon in advance. In the UK, this is called a “confidence and supply” deal or agreement. After the 2017 election in the UK, then prime minister Theresa May of the Conservative Party signed a “confidence and supply” deal with the Democratic Unionist party in order to form a minority government.

Full Story (Yeshiva World News)

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