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| Smotrich orders six-week closure of Tel Aviv rail track

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Tuesday, 19 November 10:39 AM
Minister of Transport Bezalel Smotrich has ordered the closure of one of the railway tracks along the Ayalon Highway for six weeks so that electrification work can be carried out on the track. He told the Knesset Finance Committee today, "I made a dramatic decision yesterday that was not published. The railway electrification project has been stalled for many years, and is costing a great deal of money. Israel Railways bought electric railcars. We have the tools, but they can't be used. I made the decision yesterday.

"We're going to close one of the three tracks on the Ayalon Highway for six weeks, but we're going to finish the project. You must understand that if we work only at night, it will take eighteen months, because they work only three hours at night. We're making preparations for trains that will be canceled. There will be protests. It won't be easy for six weeks, but after six weeks, it will be finished. Working 24/6 is much faster than working for a year and a half."

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