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| Jew In Arab Country Sent Package of Tefillin, Sefarim, Mezuzas, and Matzos

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Thursday, 13 February 12:32 PM

A parcel containing Matzos, Tefillin, a Tallis, Sefarim, and Mezuzas were sent by Yad L’Achim to a Jewish man living in an enemy state. The operation was carried out via a third country that would receive a package from Israel and could also send packages to the enemy state. The Jewish man in question relayed in a letter to Yad L’Achim that he wanted other Jewish children in the country to see him act like a Jew and perform the mitzvos like a Jew.

Yad L’Achim’s Heritage Department issued a statement on Tuesday that said: “We are receiving more requests from Jews living in Arab states that are requesting aid in the form of shiurim, seforim and other Jewish belongings that would help them keep the mitzvos.”

Full Story (The Yeshiva World)

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