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For sale by owner

Penthouse Apartment In Heart Of Modiin With Stunning Views For Sale₪3680000

shira israel     Modiin     5 rooms
Monday, 06 April 5:00 PM

One of the most beautiful views in the city, this apartment is located in Kaiser/Avnei Choshen, in the heart of Modiin. 15 minute walk to the train station, with many stores within walking distance and parks across the street.

Originally 5 rooms, the 170m apartment is currently four rooms (with the option of going to 6). Panoramic views showcase the landscape from all four directions from this bright apartment. The apartment is home to large living room, dining room, with a modern kitchen and island.

The apartment comes with two covered parking spots and a storage unit. Located on the 18th floor, one of the building's elevators is a Shabbat elevator, and the floor has only two apartments.

For more information or to schedule a time to view the apartment, please contact Shira Israel at 052-380-0876 or


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