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| Female assistant needed

Mitzvah work with payment     Jerusalem
Friday, 22 May 8:39 PM

Personal assistant job 


Due to moving to Jerusalem   

Need a spiritual female, for a mitzvah work 

Suitable for those who like to be part of building a new and unique thing.

Help type: 
Logistics help 
For opening a beit midrash / synagogue in Jerusalem for singles Olim Hadashim 
English speakers. 

Modern orthodox, etc.
Prayers with  שירה ונגונים מהנשמה.

The goal is to be a warm home for a small group of new immigrants, especially those who have no family in Israel.

The work is suitable for one person, with free time, who can attend the events we organize. (This is not work from home).

Opening time:
We hope before Rosh Hashanah 2020 

Beginning of work:
June 2020

Plus Bonuses

If you are spiritually motivated (not necessarily religious), with a love for helping people and Torah, and would like more details, please send a cover letter, background, languages ​​you speak, etc. and attach a resume.

 Thank you! 


More details :

*Meals . (Holidays and Shabbatot). 

*Classes. (Midrashim, Parshas Hashavu, Talmud, etc.) in the English language. 

* Workshops on various subjects (communication, etc.). 

* Publishing Divrei Torah, etc.

*Emotional support. 

*Financial support. Gemach. 

 This project is private and not related to any organization.
 It is supported by an educated, empathetic, broad-minded, spiritual, young, and charismatic leader who funds it with his money. To his parents memory. 

Daniella Diamant Interior Design

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