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| Introducing Torah Flame: A Unique Initiative for Rabbis and Teachers

Chaim     Any
Tuesday, 30 June 2:50 PM
Torah Flame has been created having in mind the current situation.

The goal is to support Torah, Rabbis and Teachers worldwide through shiurim and courses. Any Rabbi or Teacher can sell courses and shiurim (or make them free) online using a very intuitive system that will also allow for quizzes, upload of materials, and easy payments.

There are no fees or charges per month, registration for Teachers is completely free and with no strings attached. We only collect a small percentage of the sales every monthly cycle for the maintenance, administration and hosting of the website as follows:

Tier 1: From US$ 0 - US$ 2,999.99 in sales : 75% commission for the Rabbi
Tier 2: From US$ 3,000.00 - US$ 7.999,99 in sales : 85% commission for the Rabbi
Tier 3: From US$ 8,000.00 and up in sales : 90% commission for the Rabbi

Rabbis and teachers are free to set the prices for the courses, number of lessons and everything else with full freedom having their own, unique profile and course pages.

The only compliance required is with Halacha and the spirit of authentic Torah Judaism.

The idea came having in mind the current situation, where many rabbis are at home without a source of parnassah. This is also a way to give less popular rabbis a chance to teach and earn a living, without having the credentials and contacts.

For more information, please send a message to 

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