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| The Coverup of the Century | Zooming Inís one-hour documentary movie | ZOOMING IN SPECIAL

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Tuesday, 30 June 9:56 AM

Zooming In’s one-hour documentary movie follows investigative reporter Simone Gao’s inquiry into critical questions about the pandemic: 

What did the Chinese Communist leadership do at the early stages of the outbreak? 

What significant truth have they concealed from the world, and why did they do that? 

The documentary also casts light on why the Chinese Communist Party was not held accountable for the past 40 years and what can be learned from the western world’s history of dealing with Communist China. - 

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Zooming In is a weekly in-depth/investigative report program hosted by the award-winning journalist Simone Gao.

Zooming In focuses on US-China relations, American tradition and values, and critical questions that America faces today.


It is known for never shunning tough, controversial issues or
complex stories. Exclusive interviews and reports from China, insight from top
experts on US and China, good storytelling, and engaging
visual presentations make Zooming In one of a kind.!!!!!!!!


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