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For sale by owner

Exclusive historical private property House and garden in jerusalem moshava germanit emek Refaim ₪32000000

carinette     Moshava germanit / Emek Refaim     8 rooms
Tuesday, 28 July 6:06 PM
🏡 Private Arab authentique house 526 sqm and garden 400 sqm - land 614 sqm (but 760 sqm on sight)
 Historical protected by UNESCO , totally renovated, 

Located In jerusalem 🕎 - moshava hagermanit  neighborhood, 50 meters from Emek Refaim Main Street.

 (last rental contract 32.000nis / month)

7 rooms / 5 bedrooms) or 6 bedrooms if one of the 2 living rooms is used as a bedroom) / 2 bathrooms/restrooms in the main house ground floor 250 sqm 

+ another basement 110sqm with 5 large windows,
 including a 2,5 rooms unit of 40 sqm 
with bath/restroom 
+ a huge historical cistern of 70 sqm (fully ready to be transformed into an indoor swimming pool or huge Mikve )

+ 1st floor attic under the pyramidal roof (to decorate)
250 sqm floor surface as 140 sqm head-high ceilings + 90 sqm of low cupboards surface 

+ independent studio of 26 sqm in the garden with independent shower/restrooms 

+ 500 sqm extra construction rights in "shimur" to extend the property to 1.026 sqm total 

Lots of storage and carpentry cupboards in every room, and storage rooms

+ private indoor parking 25 sqm

Full AC & underfloor heating 

Fully furnished kitchen with 10 stoves (8 electrical and 2 gas, 4 for milk 4 for meat use), American large fridge , 2 sinks, a dishwasher and oven (and ready to receive 2nd oven and 2nd dishwasher)

Alarm / camera-video system 
Electric Shutter for security.

Carine +972-547692088

 Ari Singer Licensed Tour Guide & Professional Driver
All over Israel
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Claude Bauer- House painter
Adesign - Web And Graphic Design

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