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| Israeli Startup Trigo to Launch Contactless Grocery Stores in Europe and Israel

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Friday, 31 July 12:33 PM

Israeli retail startup Trigo Vision is set to open its first automated, contactless food store. A source with knowledge of the move told Calcalist on condition of anonymity that the store will launch in a yet-to-be-named western European country in the fourth quarter of 2020 and will be followed by the opening of a second store in Israel, under the Shufersal retail chain brand.

Trigo was founded in 2017 and has raised $34 million to date from venture capital firms such as Vertex Ventures, Hetz Ventures, and Red Dot Capital, as well as from British supermarket giant Tesco. Its platform combines computer vision with a network of cameras that is able to track customers’ movements and the products they gather in real time, with the payment completed via an app on shoppers’ phones, eliminating the need to pay at the cash register before exiting the store. Trigo’s system also aids in automated inventory management.

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