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yehuda   Thursday,21 February 11:03 AM | Advice?
 We are looking for an english speaker to author an autobiography of our mom .. Thanx a million . Yehuda Richter 
Reuven   Wednesday,20 February 12:23 PM | Advice?
I want to have a chair shipped to me from China through the port in Ashdod. How do I retrieve it from the port: get it off the boat, pay taxes if required, and
IKEA Delivery Fee IKEA Delivery Fee
JESS   Wednesday,20 February 11:08 AM | Advice?
I would like to know how much it costs to get furniture delivered from IKEA to a dirah in Jerusalem, any ideas?
Lost bag in taxi Lost bag in taxi
Joakim Isaacs   Monday,18 February 10:39 PM | Advice?
Name: Joakim Isaacs E-mail: Phone 054-724-88
Siach Yisrael synagogue Siach Yisrael synagogue
Menachem   Monday,18 February 3:27 PM | Advice?
 Does anyone have contact info for the officers of the Siach Yisrael synagogue in Jerusalem's Kiryat Yovel neighborhood. The synagogue was vandalized and
Looking for overstuffed study pillow Looking for overstuffed study pillow
B.   Monday,18 February 12:04 PM | Advice?
Do they sell them here? The kind with a plump back pillow and 2 stuffed arms? If so, where to look? Thank you
Physiotherapy meuchedet recommendations Physiotherapy meuchedet recommendations
Yossef Benoliel   Monday,18 February 11:34 AM | Advice?
Make Your Book a Reality
Ramat Gan

US Benefits
All Israel

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Pesach Sedar Pesach Sedar
david boes   Monday,18 February 8:24 AM | Advice?
Hi all!! IY"H I will be in Israel for Pesach and am looking for a Sedar, two actually. I can do my own the second night if needed. I will be al
ADVICE? Bituach Leumi Child Savings plan - Provident Funds ADVICE? Bituach Leumi Child Savings plan - Provident Funds
Yael Yunger   Friday,15 February 3:58 PM | Advice?
Has there been any more clarity regarding the US Tax laws and if it will have any implications if I choose a Kupat Gemel (provident fund) for my baby??
Fwd: Banks Fwd: Banks
albanvic   Thursday,14 February 3:07 PM | Advice?
---------- Forwarded message ---------From: Victor <>Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2019, 13:05Subject: BanksTo: <>I am looking
Does Anyone Know How to Apply For US Passport by Mail? Does Anyone Know How to Apply For US Passport by Mail?
Annette Berlin   Wednesday,13 February 7:19 PM | Advice?
I have a couple of questions. 1. How long does it take? 2. I think I need a certified check or something like it. Do you know where I can ge
Carpenter to build Eco kitchen cabinets? Carpenter to build Eco kitchen cabinets?
Sarah   Tuesday,12 February 2:47 PM | Advice?
Does anyone know a carpenter who builds eco-kitchen cabinets? Recommendtion genuinely appreciated. Batya Riser
Book keeper needed Book keeper needed
Scott Lawrence   Tuesday,12 February 11:54 AM | Advice?
Looking for a PT bookkeeper to report to our accountant. Can anyone suggest someone who is EXCELLENT, ORGANIZED and GREAT? Please let me know Dr. Scott La
looking for a store to buy..... looking for a store to buy.....
chashie gwertzman   Monday,11 February 7:52 PM | Advice?
Hi allIm looking for a dress shop or store to buy a nice dress or suit for a retirement party for someone religious. Not too fancy so can be worn also during we
Sewer Sewer
Joseph Ami-Ga   Sunday,10 February 12:24 PM | Advice?
Looking to find how to complain to the city of Jerusalem about a building sewer that has been pouring toilet waste onto the street for 2 months where I live. Is
Cheap Maon Cheap Maon
Shayel   Saturday,09 February 8:21 AM | Advice?
Hi, I've been told that there are definitely preschools / daycare in Jerusalem that costs 600-800 shekels per month. If anyone knows about these, pleas
heard of Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies (AEBi) in the ITEK incubator heard of Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies (AEBi) in the ITEK incubator
Scott Lawrence   Friday,08 February 1:42 PM | Advice?
Just read that Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies is about to start human clinical trials. I have a friend who has been dealing with Melanoma in her eye for
Referral for Cleaning Company after Renovations Referral for Cleaning Company after Renovations
Fraidy Beiser   Friday,08 February 8:10 AM | Advice?
Hi  -  Can  anyone recommend a cleaning company for an apartment after a major renovation - looking for someone reasonably priced and re
Looking for Spring Hike Looking for Spring Hike
yochanan   Wednesday,06 February 8:23 AM | Advice?
Looking for Spring flower day hike in and around Jerusalem. Or same day return. Suitable for children too. TIA  Yochanan 
Looking for exterminator for mice Looking for exterminator for mice
Naomi   Tuesday,05 February 2:45 PM | Advice?
Please recommend an exterminator to deal with a mice problem Thanks
Translator required-English To Hebrew Translator required-English To Hebrew
Stephen Kurer   Monday,04 February 10:34 AM | Advice?
Looking for someone to translate a 3 page word english document into Hebrew today. Any recommendations appreciated.
Marketing Mindfulness Marketing Mindfulness   Monday,04 February 8:47 AM | Advice?
Looking for someone to market my mindfulness workshops and retreats. He must understand what mindfulness is. If not, I am willing to barter mindfulness lessons
Print Shop Print Shop
Andy and Ayalah Haas   Sunday,03 February 11:23 PM | Advice?
Any recommendations for a shop that prints flyers and cards etc that has low prices? Thanks Andy
Birth Certificate Birth Certificate
George Komorowski   Friday,01 February 1:53 AM | Advice?
My name is George Komorowski , I was born in Tel Aviv in 1944 to a Polish refugee from a Siberian labor camp.  What process do I need to go through to obta
Samuel Adams Beer Samuel Adams Beer
Debbie Ben Moshe   Thursday,31 January 12:21 PM | Advice?
Anyone know if it is still possible to buy Samuel Adams beer in Israel and where?  Termpo has stopped importing it. 

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