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book donation book donation
Pnina Halpern (ramot)   Sunday,31 March 10:11 PM | Advice?
where can I give away a variety of sefarim in hebrew and in english? contact pnina 0525863322 for collection or delivery
Osteopath Osteopath
Rivka Goldberg   Sunday,31 March 7:52 AM | Advice?
Hi I'm looking for a very good osteopath that has a lot of experience. I need someone that really know what he/she's talking about. If you know so
car  leasing? car leasing?
shalompollack613   Friday,29 March 2:37 PM | Advice?
Hi, Any suggestion for a good car leasing company in Yerushalayim? Thanks, Shalom  Pollack
Robert Elston   Friday,29 March 9:35 AM | Advice?
health insurance health insurance
shalompollack613   Thursday,28 March 9:36 AM | Advice?
My elderly parents are making Aliya IH , and may need private health insurance. Suggestions? Thanks  Shalom Pollack 0522
Seeking investment advisor Seeking investment advisor
Ruth Vlessing   Wednesday,27 March 7:48 AM | Advice?
I am seeking an English speaking investment advisor, if there is one that you have used and had good results with please send me their name and contact informat
Seeking personal trainer (male) Seeking personal trainer (male)
Jeremy   Monday,25 March 2:23 AM | Advice?
Hi, I'm looking for an english speaking personal trainer in Jerusalem. Any suggestions? Thanks!
HELP How do I move playlists from iPhone to iTunes? HELP How do I move playlists from iPhone to iTunes?
Yehuda Shull   Monday,25 March 2:23 AM | Advice?
Hi. My wife has playlists for work on different computers. How can we consolidate them into one iTunes? I thought an option would be by putting each playlist on
Handicap parking at (Navon) J'lem to Tel Aviv train station Handicap parking at (Navon) J'lem to Tel Aviv train station
suri.gesh   Sunday,24 March 4:22 PM | Advice?
How good (abundant) is handicap auto parking, say within 10 minutes from the the station?ThanksGershon Blank Virus-free.
English speaking doctor English speaking doctor
David Friedman   Tuesday,19 March 1:15 PM | Advice?
I am looking for an English speaking Maccabi Doctor in the Jerusalem/Modiin area.  We are looking for someone who speaks English, will take the time t
Travel companion Travel companion
rivky   Tuesday,19 March 12:33 PM | Advice?
Looking for adult passenger traveling to USA with AEROFLOT  to check in with my 16 year old and 11 year old daughters  BOTH AT
Cost of building either freestanding built in closet Cost of building either freestanding built in closet
suri.gesh   Monday,18 March 7:51 AM | Advice?
  On what basis is the cost determined? For either a freestanding  or a builti in closet.Gershon Blank Virus-free.
Fortune Cookies Fortune Cookies
Suzanne Solomon   Wednesday,13 March 10:43 PM | Advice?
Where can I buy fortune cookies in Jerusalem?
Serious help for tennis elbow Serious help for tennis elbow
B.   Wednesday,13 March 10:43 PM | Advice?
I know someone who must type a lot and she's been suffering from tendonitis--tennis elbow for over a year. She's tried the kupah's physiotherapy treatments. Do
Looking for home inspector Looking for home inspector
Tzvi Anolick   Wednesday,13 March 3:19 PM | Advice?
We're looking for a (preferably English-speaking) engineer who can check out apartments for us prior to purchase in the Gush Etzion area.  If you've had
Non-profit organization looking for fundraiser ideas Non-profit organization looking for fundraiser ideas
Judith Magus   Wednesday,13 March 3:15 PM | Advice?
This is a letter kind friends wrote for me to send out to family and friends, we have our 2nd annual Neshamaleh Yard sale coming up after Pessach. But I look fo
Looking for someone who can take a small package to the US and mail it for me Looking for someone who can take a small package to the US and mail it for me
Reuven Ashenberg   Wednesday,13 March 11:58 AM | Advice?
Urgent - Important!!!! Looking for someone going to the US in the next few days who can take a small package wh
Import Tax Import Tax
Rochelle   Wednesday,13 March 9:43 AM | Advice?
Hi, I need to buy a bath chair via Amazon for my elderly mum, the price also includes Import taxes, quite high. does this mean I will not have to pay anything e
icount Israeli accountancy software icount Israeli accountancy software
d g   Monday,11 March 11:50 PM | Advice?
Hi, Does anyone use the Israeli accountancy software icount? I've made a mistake and want to rectify it but don't know how, and the customer service is
razel shlesinger   Monday,11 March 6:49 PM | Advice?
POSTING FOR A FRIEND: Does anybody have experience with CBD oil for / as a supplement to oncology treatment? If you are willing
notary in Jerusalem notary in Jerusalem
Daniel A. Lang   Saturday,09 March 9:16 PM | Advice?
I am looking for someone to come to my mother's home in Jerusalem to notarize a document. It is hard for her to get around. Any suggestions please?
short term apartment rental short term apartment rental
jerry miller   Thursday,07 March 7:54 PM | Advice?
Our son is getting married in Jerusalem on April 2 Many guests are coming from abroad They would like to rent short term Where is
Looking for a Male caregiver part time/full time Looking for a Male caregiver part time/full time   Thursday,07 March 3:20 AM | Advice?
posting for a friend so please reply to her email address My 92 year old father hopes to come on aliya at the beginning of April. Initially he wil
Making a small simcha Making a small simcha
angela gilbert   Tuesday,05 March 7:52 PM | Advice?
Can anyone recommend any of the following: A Marquee company Succah Builders / succahs Catering company to supply food for 30-40 people
Taylor Taylor
gloria sugarman   Thursday,28 February 4:33 PM | Advice?
Seeking a taylor who can alter a man's suit pants.

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