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recommendations for financial advisor recommendations for financial advisor
RE   Wednesday,08 May 3:58 PM | Advice?
bs'd looking for recommendations for a financial advisor.  please email me name and contact info, any other helpful info.  thanks!
Converting videos to mp3 Converting videos to mp3
Sarah Webber   Tuesday,07 May 6:38 PM | Advice?
Does anyone know how to download videos from dailymotion to mp3? I tried and mp3hub. Both worked for a few days and then refused to
Advise Advise
naomi willems   Tuesday,07 May 1:09 AM | Advice?
Seminary girl is looking to walk a dog a few times a week , Any leads Please e mail me Thank you Naomi Sent from my iPad
question question
Rita Jacobs   Sunday,05 May 2:51 PM | Advice?
Please give me contacts( or e-mail) of someone who collects used household goods to be collected from my flat in Jerusalem. I will donate these goods but
looking for gardener looking for gardener
sharonah rabinowitz   Friday,03 May 4:46 PM | Advice?
Looking for recommendations for gardener who can also do tree-cutting and trimming.  TIA.
looking for yiddish speaking therapist looking for yiddish speaking therapist
rena meriash-levine   Friday,03 May 7:14 AM | Advice?
                                Looking for a female yi
Short Term Rental in San Simon Short Term Rental in San Simon
Minna Lederberger   Wednesday,01 May 3:20 PM | Advice?
I I'm looking for a short term rental apartment from 23 July to 2 September 2019. My daughter lives across the street from Shimon HaTzadik Synagogue.
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orthopedist knee specialist orthopedist knee specialist
Lila Lowell   Monday,29 April 1:37 PM | Advice?
Can anyone recommend an English speaking orthopedist specializing in knees who can administer injections of orthovisc, a substance i was treated with in the USA
Anti-Grinding Mouth Guards Anti-Grinding Mouth Guards
Yisrael Harris   Monday,29 April 1:37 PM | Advice?
Does anyone know where in Israel I can purchase Anti-Grinding Mouth Guards? Please reply to
looking for a recommendation looking for a recommendation
shir dagan   Sunday,28 April 7:32 AM | Advice?
Hi, Looking for a recommendation for a M.D who is also a homeopath/naturopath, preferably in Jerusalem but can be anywhere. Thank
Glass mezuzah Glass mezuzah
Joan Gadon   Thursday,25 April 3:56 AM | Advice?
  Looking for an Israeli arist who makes glass mezuzah cases.  I had her email, but can't find it. Thanks.  Moadim L'simcha Joan
DJ for Batmitzvah DJ for Batmitzvah
Richard Winocour   Tuesday,23 April 6:37 AM | Advice?
We are looking for recommendations for a DJ for our daughters Batmitzvah party for around 70 people in Jerusalem. Please email :
Link Between Vaccines and Autism? Link Between Vaccines and Autism?
Menachem   Monday,22 April 5:56 PM | Advice?
Bombshell Gov Official Confirms Link Between Vaccines and Autism Is there anyone else out there that also
Matza Matza
Kenny Fisher   Sunday,21 April 5:16 PM | Advice?
Any suggestions on matza that is less constipating than wheat matza? Perhaps spelt? Oats?  thanks!
Wait-time on phone Wait-time on phone
Eliezer Shore   Monday,15 April 2:45 PM | Advice?
I heard there is an Israeli law that limits the amount of time a company (e.g. banks, offices, etc) is allowed to make you wait on hold on the phone. Is that co
US phone number for bank verification US phone number for bank verification
Sharon Apfeldorf   Friday,12 April 2:09 PM | Advice?
Capital One 360 requires two-step verification to log on to my account. They will no longer send the code to email but insist on sending a text message. Problem
Stationery Exercise Bicycle & Pilatis Stationery Exercise Bicycle & Pilatis
Susan Yosef   Friday,12 April 12:46 AM | Advice?
(1)  I need to obtain a stationery exercise bicycle and would appreciate obtaining this item used as my funds are limited.  I will, however, pay cas
Name changes and dual passports Name changes and dual passports
Eye Kan   Thursday,11 April 2:08 PM | Advice?
Has any American had experience of renewing an American passport, while holding an Israeli passport in a different first name?Israel 
advice advice   Thursday,11 April 10:35 AM | Advice?
does anyone know where CORN GUARD gel or pellets against rats can be purchased?please respond to rochelmiller@gmail.comthank you
Legal advice for workers Legal advice for workers
Gary Smith   Monday,08 April 9:15 PM | Advice?
Is there any agency or organization that provides free or low-cost legal advice in English for workers--not foreign workers--but Israeli workers? I would be ver
painter and carpenter painter and carpenter
shalompollack613   Monday,08 April 4:14 PM | Advice?
I am seeking a reliable painter and a carpenter. Thank you, Shalom Pollack 052  2352 724
Rhubarb? Rhubarb?
Eye Kan   Monday,08 April 9:50 AM | Advice?
Where can one find rhubarb in Jerusalem?Does anyone know the telephone number of the supplier?Israel 
Bioresonance?? Bioresonance??
C Millman   Monday,08 April 2:28 AM | Advice?
Hi Im trying to get feedback from people who were treated for different problems through bio-resonance devices (such as Biclm, sensitive-imago, etc.)
Seeking English-speaking Physical Therapist Seeking English-speaking Physical Therapist
Lawton Cooper   Sunday,07 April 4:53 AM | Advice?
I am seeking for my mother, an 88 year-old Olah Chadasha, a gentle physical therapist who speaks English. She resides in assisted living in French Hill. Immedia
Seeking info re stair climber &/or wheelchair lift Seeking info re stair climber &/or wheelchair lift
Gila Staum   Saturday,06 April 10:24 PM | Advice?
Would appreciate hearing from anyone who has info or recommendations regarding either / or  Wheelchair lifts (to navigate internal or external building

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