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SEEKING Glass & Mirror Professional SEEKING Glass & Mirror Professional
Andy and Ayalah Haas (Jerusalem)   Wednesday,27 February 8:10 AM | Advice?
Shalom, SEEKING recommendation for glass and mirror professional to replace the mirrors of a bathroom vanity. Send text or leave voice mail: Tuvi
seeking building cleaner who gives receipts seeking building cleaner who gives receipts
Miriam Fine   Tuesday,26 February 10:12 AM | Advice?
Can anyone recommend someone or a company that will clean my small apartment building weekly and can provide me with a legal receipt in return? Thank you
Iberia airlines Kosher Meal Iberia airlines Kosher Meal
Rivky Scot   Tuesday,26 February 8:53 AM | Advice?
Shalom, Does anyone know who supervises these meals and what company supplies them? Thanks, Rivky
Advice: Men's tailor Advice: Men's tailor
rivka tal   Sunday,24 February 9:43 AM | Advice?
Hi, can anyone recommend a tailor to custom-make a men's suit?Thanks!
British passport British passport
mike   Friday,22 February 10:22 AM | Advice?
I need advice and first hand knowledge as to getting a new British passport as my previous one expired some years back and also for my israeli son  who is
author author
yehuda   Thursday,21 February 11:03 AM | Advice?
 We are looking for an english speaker to author an autobiography of our mom .. Thanx a million . Yehuda Richter 
Reuven   Wednesday,20 February 12:23 PM | Advice?
I want to have a chair shipped to me from China through the port in Ashdod. How do I retrieve it from the port: get it off the boat, pay taxes if required, and
Translation Center Israel Ltd. * SINCE 1992
Toll-free from Israel 1-800-TIRGUM (1-800-847486) or from anywhere +972-2-5639791


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IKEA Delivery Fee IKEA Delivery Fee
JESS   Wednesday,20 February 11:08 AM | Advice?
I would like to know how much it costs to get furniture delivered from IKEA to a dirah in Jerusalem, any ideas?
Lost bag in taxi Lost bag in taxi
Joakim Isaacs   Monday,18 February 10:39 PM | Advice?
Name: Joakim Isaacs E-mail: Phone 054-724-88
Looking for overstuffed study pillow Looking for overstuffed study pillow
B.   Monday,18 February 12:04 PM | Advice?
Do they sell them here? The kind with a plump back pillow and 2 stuffed arms? If so, where to look? Thank you
Physiotherapy meuchedet recommendations Physiotherapy meuchedet recommendations
Yossef Benoliel   Monday,18 February 11:34 AM | Advice?
Pesach Sedar Pesach Sedar
david boes   Monday,18 February 8:24 AM | Advice?
Hi all!! IY"H I will be in Israel for Pesach and am looking for a Sedar, two actually. I can do my own the second night if needed. I will be al
ADVICE? Bituach Leumi Child Savings plan - Provident Funds ADVICE? Bituach Leumi Child Savings plan - Provident Funds
Yael Yunger   Friday,15 February 3:58 PM | Advice?
Has there been any more clarity regarding the US Tax laws and if it will have any implications if I choose a Kupat Gemel (provident fund) for my baby??
Fwd: Banks Fwd: Banks
albanvic   Thursday,14 February 3:07 PM | Advice?
---------- Forwarded message ---------From: Victor <>Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2019, 13:05Subject: BanksTo: <>I am looking
Does Anyone Know How to Apply For US Passport by Mail? Does Anyone Know How to Apply For US Passport by Mail?
Annette Berlin   Wednesday,13 February 7:19 PM | Advice?
I have a couple of questions. 1. How long does it take? 2. I think I need a certified check or something like it. Do you know where I can ge
Carpenter to build Eco kitchen cabinets? Carpenter to build Eco kitchen cabinets?
Sarah   Tuesday,12 February 2:47 PM | Advice?
Does anyone know a carpenter who builds eco-kitchen cabinets? Recommendtion genuinely appreciated. Batya Riser
Book keeper needed Book keeper needed
Scott Lawrence   Tuesday,12 February 11:54 AM | Advice?
Looking for a PT bookkeeper to report to our accountant. Can anyone suggest someone who is EXCELLENT, ORGANIZED and GREAT? Please let me know Dr. Scott La
looking for a store to buy..... looking for a store to buy.....
chashie gwertzman   Monday,11 February 7:52 PM | Advice?
Hi allIm looking for a dress shop or store to buy a nice dress or suit for a retirement party for someone religious. Not too fancy so can be worn also during we
Cheap Maon Cheap Maon
Shayel   Saturday,09 February 8:21 AM | Advice?
Hi, I've been told that there are definitely preschools / daycare in Jerusalem that costs 600-800 shekels per month. If anyone knows about these, pleas

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