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Mishkenot King David
Mishkenot King David
"Mishkenot King David" is an international real estate agency that specializes in finding and marketing assets, properties, apartments , commercial areas and plots for sale and rent in Jerusalem specifically, and in Israel generally.
The company also specializes in the development, management and maintenance of projects in Israel and abroad.
Inventory properties for sale and rent in including properties such as:
Apartments for sale and rent in Jerusalem
Offices for rent in Jerusalem
Plots for sale in Jerusalem
Apertments and cttages sale and rent in Mevaseret Zion
Apartments and cottages for sale and rent in Tzur Hadassah
Plots for Sale in Mate Yehuda Regional Council

Generating investment assets abroad:

Apartments, offices and commercial space for sale in Berlin and the surrounding area

Mansions and country houses in Barcelona, Spain

"Mishkenot King David" is one of the senior real estate agencies in the jerusalem with over 25 years of experience in working with clients from all over the world.

Our customers come from a wide range, government agencies, diplomatic missions, NGOs, accounting firms, lawyers, business customers, private market.

"Mishkenot King David" was founded in the 90s by Eli Fixler, owner of a degree in real estate marketing on behalf of the Israeli College of Management and Real estate, and is authorized to negotiate in any real estate deal by Ministry of Justice.

"Mishkenot King David" Regional Managers and its real estate Consultants are authorized by the Ministry of Justice.
We truly believe that reliable service, personal and professional, with the full understanding of the israeli real estate market, will allow us to fulfil our clients needs and dreams.
30 hapalmach st.jerusalem israel

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07-24 in Ramot, a spacious and bright 5 room cottage
For sale by agent

07-24 Residential unit for sale in sheltered housing
For sale by agent

07-24 Store for sale opposite Safra Square
For sale by agent

06-13 3.5 room apartment in ramot
For sale by agent

06-02 7 room cottage
For sale by agent

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