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Rose Lieberman
Rose Lieberman
Hi My name is Rose Lieberman
Contact 0532739488!
I'm a hardworking caring customer service lady who can work long hours
Customer service gal With great references.
With a brilliant photographic memory for telephone nos worldwide !.

Try me you'll see! Any telephone no you ask.
I can give you! .
I believe in selling and promoting good quality products.As well as promoting people with a heart!

As well as Promoting people with a heart.
Which entails.
:Sharing info about Great shop owners Great Deals with best prices
Fab Customer service !
"Top Selling,Marketing,and,Promoting quality products !As well as quality people.
People who have a soul.If you get what I mean.

I'm a multi-tasker.Who can work for hours !
Hard working,
Eager, Long hours are no problem!
I'm a highly intelligent bubbly religious studious lady.
Assistant Gannenet whom kids love!.
They warm up to my friendly,genuine caring attitude. While they get a chance at strumming my guitar too.

What I do with kids .I read them stories .I sing songs,and play guitar. I draw ,play games.I can be contacted by phone on 0532739488 and by email

I'm a writer singer guitarist.

I play guitar and let the kids strum and sing along

Warm loving lady who loves kids And they love me too! !I show them just how special they are.I play guitar with them We play jump rope etc

.Looking for a job
I'm Hardworking Multi tasker.Networker with References, and Pics .Try me Call Now !0532739488

References available from
Hirsch 0548447488,
Posner 029910086
Looking to work in a Customer Service or Call Centres .As a sales lady
Im a very sensible, resourceful ,lady .With a photographic memory for telephone numbers worldwide
So,I could also build up your business!Generate more clients for U !
Capable,of working for 20 hours
As well as shift,TRY ME ,You'll SEE !!!
Im a Bubbly Hardworking Networker!,
Marketer !,With every telephone no that you need !
Networking around the clock
With Public Relations Diploma to my credit.

I have an excellent photographic memory for Telephone nos and emails worldwide .
Im a,warm, loving ,caring .And understanding lady.Looking for work
Hard working,determined Eager,caring,patient,reliable Persistent available flexible ,
A natural teacher,
Great with kids,! Available with great references!-
Call today
Shoshale on facebook: skype
Bet Shemesh .,skype shosh lieberman

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