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tzilia sacharow
tzilia sacharow
I arrived as a retiree 13years ago and am so busy and happy here. I love learning Tanach in the place where it all happened. I love walking the streets, meeting the people, helping out in a factory manned by handicapped people and love tutoring amazing teens who have had to work after school for hours and haven't had time to study. now they get paid to go to tutoring and can do well on the bagrut exams which open the door to their future..

I have been widowed for 21 years and I admit it has been and is often hard. But I am so so so blessed with children and the most wonderful grandchildren in the world. I have been blessed with caring friends, good health and a sense of humor that pulls me through.

There are times that I cannot believe that I have the privilege in living in OUR medina, and in the Holy city of Jerusalem,
May all of Am Yisrael be blessed to come make their home in Israel

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