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rivka levy
rivka levy
There is one thing that you should know about what's causing your health issues: 'The problem', whatever it is, always starts out at the spiritual level. It's only when it's not caught and addressed there that it then moves down into a problem of the mind and emotions, and subsequently a physical health issue or symptom.

The more you learn how to decode the health messages at the 'spiritual' and emotional levels, the less you'll have to deal with physical health problems.

There are a few, simple tools required to decode the mystery of human health, that can be boiled down to the following:
Talk to God on a regular basis (what many people refer to as meditation, or prayer)
Relate to your emotions, even unpleasant, negative emotions, as messengers for change, growth and transformation, and not something to be ignored, denied or repressed
Learn how to speak the body's language, and decode the messages your illnesses contain, via some basic knowledge about simple acupressure techniques and the body's system of energy meridians.

As soon as you learn how to utilize these three tools, you can start to relate to your physical illnesses and emotional problems as prompts for transformation, well-being and happiness, instead of panic-inducing omens of doom.

As well as saving you a fortune, and making illness a much less scary, fraught experience, the information in this book can also help you to find greater purpose in life, to figure out what path you really need to be on, and to start to live life authentically, as the real, amazing 'you' God designed you to be.

I wrote this book to:
Empower people facing mental and physical health challenges
Teach them the God-based,holistic health approach to staying happy and healthy, that still lets them eat ice-cream and skip baseball practice, without feeling guilty
Help them to decode the Divine messages God is hiding in every single health challenge we face, as a prompt to fix, change or improve something in our lives
Show them how to live happier, more purposeful lives, with far fewer serious or chronic physical health issues.
If you're a hypochondriac, this book will teach you that illness doesn't have to lead to panic attacks or doom-laden scenarios. If you're healthy, this book will help you to stay that way, for as long as possible. If you're sick, then you'll find a recipe for being empowered by your illness to live the best life you can, without beating yourself up, getting embittered, or falling into despair.

And if you're just curious about how 'holistic health' is actually meant to work, and why the spiritual dimension is all-important when it comes to staying fit, active and happy for as long as possible, this book pulls together a wealth of information from a variety of sources in one volume,that you just won't find anywhere else.

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