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Coronavirus spreads to people worldwide: Interactive map

Stay updated on latest coronavirus news from around the world.

Coronavirus spreads to people worldwide: Interactive map

Stay updated on latest coronavirus news from around the world.

300 Israeli women march for 24 hours in support of agunot

On Thursday, Ohr Torah Stone held its third annual “Women Moving Mountains,” a hike of 300 women to show support for agunot or 'chained women.'

Yad La’Isha marks record-breaking number of 'chained women' cases resolved

The 'agunah problem' is an ongoing Jewish legal (halachic) issue in which women wishing to get a divorce require the consent of their husbands, who may refuse.

Former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak dies at the age of 94

Mubarak ruled Egypt for 30 years until he was ousted following mass protests against his rule in 2011.

Iran says coronavirus death toll reaches 16, 95 infected

"Tests showed they had the new coronavirus," the head of the Medical Science University of Saveh said, according to the website.

Gantz invokes Talmudic principle in pitch to right-wing religious camp

Blue and White leader repeats vow to introduce 8-year term limit for prime ministers

Peace Now: Tender issued for 1,077 homes in Givat Hamatos

Peace now warned that the settlement would “sever” the territorial contiguity of a Palestinian Jerusalem-Bethlehem metropolitan area.

Netanyahu says authorizing 3,500 settler homes in West Bank's E1

"We are building up Jerusalem and the outskirts of Jerusalem. I gave an immediate directive, to deposit plans to build 3500 housing units in E1," the prime minister said.

How being named "Corona" has affected Israeli businesses – and people

"The Corona beer crowd is intelligent enough to differentiate between beer and the virus. We don't feel any influence, and we continue to enjoy everyone's jokes on the Internet," its importer said.

43 Falash Mura arrive in Israel after years of waiting
New arrivals from nine different families had been housed in a camp in Gondar, were greeted at Ben-Gurion Airport by family members already in country and will be housed in several absorption centers, including at kibbutz in Jezreel Valley

UN calls for 'two state' solution to be respected in Middle East

The Security Council stressed the need to 'exert collective efforts to launch credible negotiations on all final status issues' the call was supported by 14 other members including the United States

As Gaza truce appears to hold, southern Israel begins to return to routine

Trains resume running and roads reopen to civilian traffic after Islamic Jihad declares it has met its objectives in response to 'the assassination crimes in Khan Yunis and Damascus'; more than 100 rockets were fired at Israel, with IDF responding with air and artillery strikes

Gaza cross-border violence persists despite PIJ ceasefire signals

Terror group declares mission accomplished after over 80 rockets hit Israel's south in two days; Israel extends sanctions on coastal enclave

Government source: Coronavirus could risk elections

Election officials worry most about spread of 'fake news' regarding virus in an effort to deter voters from arriving at the polls; no solution as of yet for Israelis in-home quarantine

Islamic Jihad says military response complete, signals for ceasefire

Terror group declares mission accomplished after over 80 rockets hit Israel's south in two days; Israel imposes host of fresh sanctions on Gaza

Heavy rocket barrages directed at southern Israel in fresh Gaza bout

Man lightly injured while running to bomb shelter; IDF strikes targets in Strip in response; Netanyahu threatens Hamas with 'war' if rocket fire does not abate

IDF hits Islamic Jihad in Gaza after rocket barrage

Army targets training camp, weapons stores of the Iranian-backed terror group, says it will 'respond fiercely to Islamic Jihad terrorist activity that targets Israeli civilians and harms its sovereignty'

14 Gaza rockets in less than an hour; playground, yard hit

Iron Dome missile defense intercepts at least five projectiles on Sderot, Kibbutz Nir Am amid escalation with Islamic Jihad; IDF strikes targets in Strip in response; Netanyahu threatens Hamas with 'war' if the rocket fire does not abate

Sderot home hit by shrapnel from Gaza rocket

After more than 20 projectiles were launched from the Strip towards Israeli cities and communities in south Sunday, schools and government offices remain closed and major roads are blocked for civilian traffic

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Angry about waiting? Think concrete thoughts, Israeli researchers say
Ben-Gurion University teams finds that people geared toward abstract, big picture thinking react more aggressively to wait times than those who focus on the details

Former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak dies at 91
Leader who maintained a cool peace with Israel was imprisoned in his country in 2011 for inciting deaths of protesters in demonstrations that toppled his 30-year rule

Politics from the pulpit: Synagogue election campaign preaches the Yamina gospel
The right-wing party's candidates target tens of thousands of worshipers in 21 cities across the country in 'very significant' part of national campaign

Gantz says Netanyahu planning to falsely announce next term would be his last
Blue and White chair warns that statement, which PM denies he'll make, hides his 'only goal' of passing a law to grant himself immunity from prosecution and block upcoming trial

Man arrested for making online death threats to MK Stav Shaffir
Investigators were able to identify suspect even though he used a false name to post Instagram message, police say

Wandering in the desert, activists demand ‘chained’ women be let go
A solidarity march with agunot -- women denied a divorce -- brings together 300 women to raise awareness of their plight. Here are their stories

Years of largesse give Bloomberg his own political machine
For years people have relied on his money to win elections, change laws, fund research and pay for signature municipal and education programs, and now they are endorsing him

Truce and consequences: 6 things to know for February 25
With the latest flareup seemingly behind us, Israel's media looks at what Islamic Jihad, Hamas and others may gain from the violence, and what some may lose

Trump’s doctor hid cauliflower in his mashed potatoes – report
Ronny Jackson tells New York Times about his failed efforts to slim down president, which included making ice cream less accessible and mixing veggies into his food

US anti-Semitism envoy criticizes France's failure to try killer of Jewish woman
Elan Carr says 'you don't dismiss hate crime charges for issues like the consumption of marijuana' -- referring to Sarah Halimi's killer, who wasn't held legally responsible

Former Egyptian President Mubarak dies at 91
Mubarak had been in the intensive care unit due to complications from intestinal surgery in January.

Report: Tom Cruise stuck in Venice hotel due to coronavirus
Report comes as filming was set to begin in Venice on latest installment of Mission: Impossible franchise.

'Israel needs to close off haredi cities'
Hebrew University condemns professor who implied haredim spread coronavirus: 'Embarrassing and racist'

How are regulations changing the UK financial sector?
The UK Financial Sector is one of the world's most sought after financial markets and one of the UK's largest.

Flooding in southern Israel
Arava Regional Council closes schools due to heavy rainfall and flooding.

Live: 17th Jerusalem Conference
Ahead of elections, a host of top officials take part in annual B'Sheva conference at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Jerusalem.

'Gaza will always be a problem'
Min Steinitz warns: 'There was always some degree of terror, Gaza will always be a problem, we may have to spend several weeks in Gaza.'

Rivlin opens day's trading at Australian Securities Exchange
"Today, I would like to ring the bell for partnership, for true friendship!" President says as he rings bell to open trading day at the ASX.

Signs across Judea and Samaria warn of entry into 'Palestine'
Signs hung at 33 different points warn: 'Stop! You are entering State of Palestine' - that is, according to the 'Trump Peace Plan.'

Amazon mini-series 'dangerous foolishness'
Auschwitz Memorial condemns Amazon's Nazi-hunting series 'Hunters' as 'dangerous.'

Israeli personal robot co Temi raises $15m
Temi helps deal with the coronavirus using its remote video and autonomous navigation capabilities.

Mizrahi Tefahot Q4 profit more than doubles
Mizrahi Tefahot Bank's board of directors have decided to distribute a dividend of NIS 176 million on fourth quarter profits.

Enlivex plummets after raising cash at discount
Enlivex Therapeutics exploited yesterday's rise in its share price to raise $8 million.

Polls show resurgent Likud tying with Blue & White
The fighting on the Gaza Strip border in the past couple of days may have tilted voters rightward.

Cancer treatment co Kahr Medical raises $18m
The round was led by Flerie Invest AB, Oriella Limited, Hadasit Bio-Holdings, Pavilion Capital, and Mirae Asset Venture Investment.

Yossi Maiman pays NIS 117m tax on EMG sale
The long-running saga of Maiman's tax liability on the realization of his stake in East Mediterranean Gas has finally been concluded.

Shekel strengthens after rate kept unchanged
Since the previous interest rate decision, the shekel has strengthened by 3% in terms of the nominal effective exchange rate, the Bank of Israel said.

Teva digital asthma inhaler wins FDA nod
The ArmonAir Digihaler is for the treatment of asthma in patients 12 years and older.

Water Authority mulls opening Kinneret dam
The Water Authority prefers opening the dam at the southern end of the lake to pumping more water for consumers.

El Al hikes cargo prices
El Al: Prices are affected by foreign airlines on which we transship.

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