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Democratic candidates debate Iran deal at first presidential debate

When NBC's moderators asked the candidates who would rejoin the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), all of them raised their hands except for Booker.

Tunisia Jewish tourism minister condemns Israeli pilgrims’ praise for IDF

Following the video’s publication, an anti-Israel group staged a protest in Tunis, the capital, against the pilgrimage, urging the government to stop it and calling it normalization with Israel.

Israel’s first student-run clinic's mantra is free health care for all

“This is the first interprofessional kind of lab in Israel, where students learn with, from and about each other.”

Dead Sea area rocked by earthquake

There were no injuries or damage reported.

Palestinians welcome Oman's decision to open embassy in Ramallah

“This is a positive development,” said an adviser to PA President Mahmoud Abbas. “But we hope that this is not a first step towards establishing diplomatic relations between Oman and Israel.”

UNRWA raises $110 million for Palestinians on same day as Bahrain summit

The agency services 5.4 million Palestinian refugees in Gaza, the West Bank, east Jerusalem, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.

Poway rabbi addresses UN meeting on growing threat of antisemitism

The discussion was organized by Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon.

Netanyahu: Israel used cyber intel. to thwart around 50 ISIS terror attacks

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that cooperation with the US is unbelievable and even better than ever before.

Israeli cybersecurity on display at TAU Cyber Week

When responding to cyber attacks, humans also deal with difficulties identifying attacker sources.

Check Point CEO: Companies must shift from cyber detection to prevention

Shwed highlighted the challenge faced by enterprises when trying to identify the right technologies offered by thousands of different vendors.

U.S. economic plan decried by Palestinians but gets cautious nod in Gulf
Palestinians protest Trump's $50 billion investment plan to help achieve Mideast peace, while U.S.'s Gulf allies see future for deal if based on a two-state solution, which has underpinned every peace plan for decades

Ehud Barak announces return to politics, establishment of new party

צילום: רויטרס
Barak declares return in order to end Netanyahu's reign in light of suspected corruption charges against PM, talk of canceling the September elections; 'the future of the Zionist movement is on the line here,' says Barak, 'Netanyahu, your time as a political leader is over'

Peace critical for U.S. economic plan to work, Bahrain guests warn

צילום: רויטרס
Panelists at the two-day conference in Manama - who include IMF chief, international business leaders, sports and film personalities - share their vision of ending what they describe as 'Palestinian victimization'

Ex-military prosecutor: Police, prosecutors in rape case were terribly negligent

צילום: אוהד צויגנברג
Col. (Res.) Ilan Katz says fact that Mahmoud Katusa was released and charges of raping 7-year-old Israeli girl were dropped signals that 'holes in the case were greater than we knew'

Israeli accused of Duma murders refuses to testify in court

צילום: יריב כץ
Lawyers for Amiram Ben Uliel say his silence protests partial approval for confession exacted under torture; defendant's mother-in-law says 'Arabs' actually behind arson attack Riham and Saad Dawabshe and their 18-month-old son

IMF chief in Bahrain: Palestinian economic growth must focus on job creation

צילום: רויטרס
Jared Kushner, chief architect of U.S. policy on Mideast, seeks to persuade Palestinians to accept $50 billion support plan as Gazans and West Bank residents jam the streets, shouting 'We are hungry for dignity, we don't need the money'

Kushner in Bahrain: No Palestinian prosperity without fair political solution

צילום: רויטרס
Trump's son-in-law and White House advisor says president has not forgotten the Palestinian people, but adds that political issues not on the agenda at two-day summit aimed at showcasing economic portion of Washington's long-awaited Arab-Israeli peace plan, dubbed 'the deal of the century'

Palestinians protest Trump’s Bahrain conference

Photo: AP
Protesters burn effigies of U.S. President in West Bank, chanting 'Palestine is not for sale'; general strike declared in Gaza Strip; Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Jordan, various Gulf states send finance officials to U.S.- lead workshop

Far right faction dismantles partnership with right-wing parties

צילום: עמית שאבי, יצחק קלמן
The United Right Party, which was formed to ensure maximum support for Prime Minister Netanyahu's nationalist coalition proved unsuccessful and new alliances are being considered

Russia condemns Israeli strikes in Syria, attempts to isolate Iran

צילום: רויטרס
During a three-way meeting between Israeli, American and Russian security advisers - focused primarily on Iran and Syria - Nikolai Patrushev calls attempts to demonize Islamic Republic 'unacceptable'; Bolton says 'all options remain on the table' if Tehran exceeds uranium enrichment limit

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‘Deepfakes’ pose conundrum for Facebook, Zuckerberg says
Social media giant CEO says companies have limited ability to tackle governments, 'As a private company, we don't have the tools to make the Russian government stop'

‘They died in each other’s arms,’ migrant’s mother says
Rosa Ramrez takes some solace in seeing the shocking picture of her son and granddaughter drowned in the Rio Grand, knowing that he never let go of the little girl

Everybody complains about Israel’s electoral system. But it works
Especially after this year's political shenanigans, the chaotic, tribal electoral system gets a bad rap; it is also the source of Israel's strength, solidarity and democracy

Father, daughter drowning fuels anger at Trump migration policies
Shocking photograph of a Salvadoran man and his baby daughter drowned in the Rio Grande brings spotlight to plight of migrants

Gary Rosenblatt steps down as editor and publisher of The New York Jewish Week
A new editor is expected to be named in coming weeks

New software glitch found in Boeing’s troubled 737 Max jet
Fault could push the plane's nose down automatically, similar to a problem that caused two deadly crashes

Dutch rapper drops Anne Frank stage name following outcry over anti-Semitism
From now on she will be known only as Anne; watchdog group revealed history of anti-Jewish tweets despite claiming her name was homage to Holocaust victim

Cigarette or electrical fault may have caused Notre-Dame fire
Prosecutors rule out criminal intent, but probing negligence in cause of devastating fire that ripped through iconic cathedral in April

Venezuela government says it thwarted ‘coup’ plot aided by Israeli, US ‘agents’
After defecting to US, former intelligence chief says Hezbollah cells were allowed to operate in Venezuela and raise funds

Late wife’s torment turns Israeli religious farmer into assisted suicide backer
After his terminally ill wife had to fly to Switzerland to end her suffering, Yoskeh Marmurstein is challenging a society that resists the burial of suicides in Jewish cemeteries

UK Labour reinstates lawmaker suspended over anti-Semitism
Key ally of Jeremy Corbyn, who was suspended for saying Labour is "too apologetic" over anti-Semitism, has been readmitted.

PLO official: US proposal 'an insult to our intelligence'
Hanan Ashrawi rejects US peace proposal, says the idea of economic peace is a recycled one.

Greenblatt: I haven't found anything to criticize Israel over
US envoy says he sees nothing to criticize in the decisions taken by PM Binyamin Netanyahu concerning relations with PA.

Which 2020 Democrat should Donald Trump most be afraid of?
Which Democratic candidate has the most raw political talent? What weaknesses of Donald Trump's would they exploit in 2020?

Can an agreement on Syria be reached?
ILTV speaks with Senior INSS Researcher Brig. Gen. Dr. Meir Elran & Fmr. Dep. Head Of The National Security Council Dr. Shaul Shay.

'Barak thinks we forgot his failed tenure'
Former Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked blasts Ehud Barak following his announcement of a return to politics.

'We didn't agree to Palestinian accompaniment on Temple Mount'
Chilean embassy in Israel clarifies President's visit to Temple Mount in which PA officials were present.

Zarif: US is not in a position to obliterate Iran
Iranian Foreign Minister responds to Trump's threats, says US is "confrontational" and "provocative".

Benny Gantz: A General without elbows?
Gil Hoffman provides a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes of internal struggles within the leftist bloc, ahead of the September elections.

Analysis: Elections in Turkish capital
Erdogan loses in Istanbul for the first time in two decades. ILTV speaks with Dr. Gallia Lindenstrauss, INSS Turkish Affairs Expert.

Ehud Barak returns to the political fray
Israel's former Prime Minister has set up a new party with the aim of toppling Benjamin Netanyahu.

Wed: Teva, Leumi lift TASE
Teva, Perrigo and Bank Leumi led the market higher today but NICE Systems and Elbit Systems lost ground.

Israeli AI chip developer NeuroBlade raises $23m
NeuroBlade is developing an artificial intelligence chip for the inference stage for both data centers and end-devices.

Olmert: My case is dwarfed by Netanyahu's
Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told "Globes" editor Naama Sikuler that Netanyahu would be unable to form the next government.

Israir to launch Tel Aviv - Odessa flights
The Ukrainian city offers a vacation combining sunbathing on the beach with Jewish history and a vibrant cultural and nightlife.

Danino: Decriminalize cannabis but don't legalize it
Former Israel Police Commissioner and cannabis company Together chairman Yohanan Danino spoke at the "Globes" Cannabis conference in Tel Aviv.

Personalized nutrition co DayTwo raises $31m
The Israeli company has developed a microbiome human discovery platform that offers a glycemic control solution for people with type II diabetes.

Elbit unit wins US border tower deal
Elbit's US unit has been awarded a $26 million contract for the protection of the Arizona-Mexico border.

Leumi moving HQ from Tel Aviv, shedding 700 staff
The Israeli bank's management and workers committee have agreed an 8% cut in Leumi's workforce by the end of 2020.

SpaceIL cancels Israel's Beresheet2 moonshot
Although the first spacecraft crashed on landing, SpaceIL said the project was perceived as a success and repeating it was not a big enough challenge.

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