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Tips for creating an ad that generates leads

1. Your title is the first thing people see. Think about how you can state clearly what you do and why a customer would want to learn more about you. And don't leave typos and spelling mistakes!

2. A good, sharp icon makes everything look better. If you don't have a good logo, find a good illustrative image for your business. The best image shape is square, not too long or too tall!

3. Think about search terms. If you only have the word "plumbing" in your ad, someone searching for "plumber" might not find you.

4. Adding video or images to your ad is always a good idea. You can copy and paste images directly into the description field.

5. For maximum exposure, consider a premium advertising package. Click here for more info.

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Planning and designing your apartment in Israel
14 reviews
Premium Moving
jerusalem area
12 reviews

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Orthodontic Treatment: Dr. Avri Lev -- Jerusalem
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