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Belly Dance Lessons: July 23- August 27

Belly Dance Lessons: July 23- August 27
Belly Dance Lessons: July 23- August 27
CALL NOW  052 415 9714
 Nachlaot Nachlaot
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Belly Dance Lessons

Classes Starting July 23rd!   

Explore the world of Belly Dancing while having fun and getting fit.

Learn how to isolate different body parts, undulate, do figure eights, and become more fluid in your movements.  Use these moves at weddings, parties, and for a fun home workout.

This low impact exercise is not only a beautiful ancient art form. It also...

-Strengthens core muscles

-Promotes upright posture and flexibility

-Burns fat 

-Prepares you for childbirth

We will be fusing Traditional Middle Eastern Dance, Tribal Belly Dance, and some Hip Hop elements to create a cutting edge, mesmerizing blend of grace and pops! 

Check out this YouTube clip to find out how outrageously fun this dance really is!


Tuesdays   7:30 - 8:30 p.m.

Location: Nachlaot 

July 23-August 27

35 shekels a lesson 

Call  Samantha for details

052 415 9714

Samantha Siegel



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