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Experienced Massage Therapist, RN in Women's Health

Experienced Massage Therapist, RN in Women
Experienced Massage Therapist, RN in Women
CALL NOW  058-7883748
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Offering Massage Therapy for Women in Talpiot/Arnona Area. New to Jerusalem. Liscensed Massage Therapist, Registered Nurse, Natural Health Specialist. Specialty in Women's Health. I have been an IBCLC (Certified Lactation Consultant) for 20 years. I am certified in Colon Hydrotherapy. I am offering Massage Therapy, Lactation Consultation, Health Consultation. Massage includes Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Swedish and Pregnancy Massage. I am sensitive and intuitive. I have a foot in both the Natural Healing World and the Western Medical world. This makes me especially good in working with those who have medical conditions and who are on medications. Reasonable rates for hour or for 90 minute treatments. Women only please. First time client introductory rate of 150 shekels for first hour. Regular rates are 200 per hour. Hannah 058-7883748.

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SERVICING: Jerusalem

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